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  1. chavez27usmc

    97 Cr250 Frame swap

    Still have the frame?
  2. Highwaydirtbikes.com I used to run Cycra CRM mounts and will never go back. HDB is legit. I think they have a sale right now too. Act fast. And strictly plastic has its place but just really think about the riding you are doing. I personally dont use them only barkbuster style.
  3. chavez27usmc

    Trails in Southern California

    Dude you have los padres national forest, Sequoia, and angeles national forest. Those places have badass trails along with single track. I live north of LA. Jump on www.ohvtrails.net and just gaze at all of the riding around you. There is a lot, trust me.
  4. chavez27usmc

    Rm125 wont start

    I thought you stated you cleaned the carb already?? You gotta be like a surgeon here. Inspect and clean everything single inch of the carb thoroughly. Also, check the adjustment on your float. If its not set right you will either get too little or too much fuel in your float bowl. Its gotta be dead on balls accurate
  5. chavez27usmc

    Rm125 wont start

    Have you completely gone through the carb? Inspected every single orifice, jet, and float bowl? Cleaned it? Those jets can clog up really good. Youre positive no fuel is getting to your plug? Fouling?
  6. Hey everyone, I've been looking for pics online for examples of installs of the voyager on the 500 exc and looking for posts on the topic but haven't came across anything. I'm about to tackle the install on my bike. I'd like to know if the voyager will bolt right up to the stock mount for the stock computer. If so I'm assuming I just disconnect the stock computer connections and run the voyager sensors and hook them up? What about the rest of the connections for the stock computer? Do I just leave them unconnected and dangling there? I'm a little confused as to what I do with the stock connections. Any help would be appreciated. Oscar Ps I have a 2016 exc 500
  7. chavez27usmc

    Just bought myself a 450X. A little advice please

    Thanks a bunch for the info guys. Ive spend the majority of today just reading up on different setups and other peoples experience and knowledge. I will definitely take all of your information into consideration. Thanks again.
  8. chavez27usmc

    Just bought myself a 450X. A little advice please

    Awesome, thanks Jim. Was your stock leak jet a 60? Im not sure if that is what my bike has in it but Im willing to bet it is if that is what your bike had. As for the exhaust, does yoshimura recommend a certain jetting adjustment when using their exhausts? Ive looked on their website but couldn't find anything. I could be looking in the wrong place though.. What should I do with that?
  9. chavez27usmc

    Just bought myself a 450X. A little advice please

    Thanks for the info Jim. Im lookign into the JD kit. Ive purchased JD in the past for my two strokes, liked em. Did you change your main and leak because that was a recomendation from JD? How do you know when your leak jet must be changed? How about the Main?
  10. chavez27usmc

    Just bought myself a 450X. A little advice please

    Thanks for the information guys. Ill take notes on it. What about the exhaust? Do I have to adjust the jetting becuase of it? I investigated a little further and found out it is the RS-2 Yoshi full system exhaust. Im so used to jetting 2 strokes for change in exhaust, is it the same with this bike? As far as the needle, Im not sure what part number it is. Im thinking i should open it up and find out.
  11. Just picked up a 2007 crf450x. Ive ridden 2 strokes my whole life so this is going to be a learning process which Im really excited about. The bike that i purchased has a few modifications on it. I was sure to ask the guy that sold it to me exactly what he has done with the bike as far as mods, service, and riding style. The bike has a full system Yoshimura exhaust. Not exactly sure which one it is but it says "Stainless Comp-Series" on the top rear-end of the silencer. It also has an R&D remote fuel screw on it. I asked the seller if he had changed the stock jetting on the bike and he said all he did was remove the stock needle and replaced it with a crf450r needle.. (can somebody give me a little insight on this mod, thanks) The bike does have the airbox mod done to it as well. Ive ridden it very little bit and seems to run strong, pretty fun actually. Not too sure of exactly what to keep and ear out for because like I have stated before, I come from 2 strokes, this is all new to me. And guidance on what to look out for as far as sounds and overall bike response would be greatly appreciated. The only thing I question is when I blip the throttle while idling in neutral the bike will stall if I do this quick enough. Is this normal? What causes this? Is there a fix for this if this is abnormal? My biggest concern is running a dangerously lean bike and ruining the engine. I would like to dial it in as best I can before I take it out for a long hard ride. Im not sure of what main or pilot jets are in it at the moment. But like I stated before, all that was changed was the needle. So the other jets remained unchanged from stock. (What are stock jets by the way?) Im looking for jetting recomendations considering the modifications the bike has done to it. Also how to set the R&D fuel screw for best performance. Im under the impression that I will not have to make constant adjustments to the fuel screw once I have it set. Is this true? Any other recomendations are very welcome as well. Im excited to learn about these bikes and hope to be just as good with them as I am with 2 stroke bikes. I live in southern cali so my riding elevation is between 1000-6000 and thats it. Any other information that you may need please ask! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I understand there are other posts out there on jetting questions which I do read and take notes on. I would just like some advice catered more towards my situation. Thanks again.