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  1. robmunach

    Fatty Tire on 2004 XR250

    Thanks everyone~ Ordered a GT333N rear and a Shinko Fatty Front. Going to go with tubes for now and see how it works.
  2. robmunach

    Fatty Tire on 2004 XR250

    Has anyone tried a 90/100 Fatty Tire on the front of an XR? Will it fit? I ride pretty fast rocky terrain and am looking for something to soften the front up a little. Thinking of running a Goldentyre GT216AA with a Tubliss setup. Probably putting a GT333N on the back. Thanks
  3. robmunach

    XR250R ---> KTM200

    OK, don't laugh. I decided to keep the XR and put a W.E.R. suspension on it and 280 kit. My only problem with the bike is the suspension sucks and it needs a little more power. Even though the KTM 200 I test rode was a POS, I realize that the bike has TOO much power and I will likely hurt myself. I am 50 and self employed so I got to be somewhat careful. The XR is not as bad as you guys think. My friend has a stock CRF250X (no wires cut) and a drag race is pretty even. He gets me off the line, but he does not pull me after that. The trails i ride (Brushey Mountain mainly), do not require a huge amount of power anyway. I have all the Gordon mods done to my bike. I decided I would rather ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow and it will be fun seeing the incremental improvements in the bike. I can always try the 200 later. I appreciate everybody's responses.
  4. robmunach

    XR250R ---> KTM200

    I test rode a 2008 200 this weekend. It had a Recluse clutch. Turns out the bike was a clapped out POS. The clutch would slip in the higher gears and it did not run cleanly down low. i assume this is not a good example of these bikes. I felt like i was riding my old 1985 Cagiva 125. It was really light however. I guess I will keep looking.
  5. robmunach

    XR250R ---> KTM200

    Thanks to everyone for their replies.
  6. robmunach

    XR250R ---> KTM200

    Hi. I currently have a 2004 XR250R. I love the bike and the low end grunt, but the overall HP is lacking and it is heavy. It is also in need of some suspension work. I could throw a 280 kit in it and spend another $800 on a springs and a re-valve. However, I started looking at the KTM200 and it seems like the ideal bike. My questions are: Does it have the super low speed luggability that the XR has? What years should i avoid, if any? I am thinking 2006 or newer. Are there any problem areas? Thanks.