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  1. Landonskoglund

    426 Big Bore Kit ??

    What about for yz400s?? I have a 98 with a 426 tranny but what's the biggest bore a 400 can handle?
  2. Landonskoglund

    Yz400 vs yz450

    Yeah that's what I figured but I do drag with some buddy's out on the forestry roads and I just wanna see if there really is that much a difference between the 400 and the 450
  3. Landonskoglund

    Yz400 vs yz450

    Gotcha. Thanks
  4. Landonskoglund

    Yz400 vs yz450

    Will the 450 be faster though? Or have more power?
  5. Landonskoglund

    Yz400 vs yz450

    I have a 1998 yz400f It has full exhaust, rejetted, flywheel weights, and a transmission out of a 426, but I was wondering how it would do against a 2007 yz450f? Like which one would be faster and have more power? I'm looking at getting one but I don't want to spend the money if its slower than my 400.