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  1. Ssiimmss

    Dr350s won't rev past 6000

    Removed the valve cover and clutch cover. Didn't find the nut. Where could it have gone and what damage might it have done? I rode the bike home and it ran fine other than not reving past 6000. It's starting to look like I'm going to have to bring the bike to an expert.
  2. Ssiimmss

    Dr350s won't rev past 6000

    So I started with checking my valve clearances and I found that one of the jam nuts was gone from a valve in the exhaust side. Not sure what kind of damage this may have done, but its still in there some where.
  3. Ssiimmss

    Dr350s won't rev past 6000

    I fell over and stalled my bike; a '91 dr350s. When I started it up again it runs fine until it hits 6000, then it acts like there's a rev limiter, spitting and sputtering. Where do I start to figure this out?