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  1. You know you're supposed to check the stick within a couple minutes of shutting off the engine, right? If there are no leaks and you weren't fogging the area with clouds of smoke, I believe your oil is still in the bike, merely down in the engine. Take the bike for a five-minute ride around the neighborhood, then shut it down and check the stick (bike upright and level) after about a minute.
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    xr4 manrack size and photos

    Sorry for the delay. That measurement is 2 3/4 inches.
  3. Stretchman67

    xr4 manrack size and photos

    Hi, I'm ManRackin'. In fact, that's my own bike featured on ManRacks' XR400 page. Ain't she pretty? I'm running the Long Rack with the larger space between the seat and the first cross-tube. That gave me room to mount a small tool bag behind the seat, Olde Skoole XR style. The other rack is the same length though, just with more cross-tubes. Total length from front mounting bolt to the end of the rack is 16 inches. Max width, just behind the seat, is 10 inches. The max height of the top surface is one inch from the top of the stock fender, no Polisport, sorry.