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  1. Thanks for the reply, however that seller doesn't currently have any items posted for sale on ebay..
  2. Thanks for the condolences guys. I figured it was probably on its way out aswell, but I still think the over-full oil probably contributed to it.. I found a good deal on a 426f bottom end in Boston, but the guy isn't willing to ship it
  3. Yes, I forgot to drain the oil out of the engine, I only drained it out of the oil tank (frame) then left it sitting for about 2 weeks before filling it and forgot that I didn't drain the engine I find it hard to believe that the oil didn't contribute to the failure, I mean I drained 1.5 times the volume of oil its supposed to have.. I find it hard to believe that there is enough room for all of that oil without essentially hydro-locking the engine from the bottom (if that makes any sense).. I ran it through the gears and it felt a little sluggish then I turned around and got into 3rd and it just locked up tight.. My thinking is it filled the crank case while I was accelerating untill the piston came down and couldn't return to bottom dead center as there was too much oil, in turn breaking the big end of the rod & cracking the piston at the pin.. Makes sense to me, however that could have just been a contributing factor as it locked up on me before (as I ran out of gas) but my buddy said it was just "vapor lock" from running dry while at full throttle.. I was skeptical, but I was able to roll it backwards and get it unlocked so I changed the oil then this failure happened.. I could see over-filling it a little not being a big deal normally, but I do think that in this case it contribured to the failure
  4. Alright, I tore down the engine today... not pretty... Big end of rod let go and took out the balance shaft, took chunk out of bottom of the jug, cracked piston at the pin, busted up both cases inside, etc.. Basically the head is the only major part that's still good.. A chunk of the big end of the rod was wedged against the shift forks, which is why 4th/5th weren't working.. Anyone got an engine they'd like to sell? Any leads would be appreciated.. Thanks
  5. Any ideas why the trans is missing 4th & 5th?
  6. The bottom end appears to be locked up solid.. Any ideas on the trans though? It seems weird that it'll shift through 1-N-2-3 fine but 4th is like another neutral and it won't even try to shift into 5th.. I'm assuming at this point I need to split the cases and see what's going on in there.. Thanks for the replies
  7. I got a '01 YZ426F a couple weeks ago, it ran well until the 2nd day out riding I was about to run out of gas so I was trying to get home when it felt like the bike locked up.. I feared the worst and thought it was seized, but when I went to take the tank off, I realized it was infact empty. So I pulled the right side cover & valve cover and all looked ok.. I changed the oil filter and there were aluminum particles in there. I looked around online and found out that is pretty normal for these. I was able to back the bike up a little bit & the engine turned freely and seemed to be fine. I figured I had just "vapor locked" the engine. I decided to do an oil change, when I changed the oil filter there were aluminum particles in there. I looked around online and found out that is pretty normal for these. so I put a new oil filter in and 48 fl oz of Rotella T then decided to go riding.. I started it up and made it about 1/2 mile into a field then it just died/tied up and wouldn't unlock from rolling backwards. I started working on it today and when I drained the oil 72 fl oz came out!! I had drained the oil out of the holding tank but not the bottom end before adding the new oil.. Now I'm trying to figure out what the damage to the engine is. What would be the most likely failures from having 24 fl oz of extra oil in the engine? It seems like the case would be quite full.. I put it in gear to try to rock it to see if it'd break free, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd work fine (rolls a couple inches then locks up) but 4th & 5th act like neutral.. It seems unlikely that the trans would fail at the same time as I believe this failure is due to the extra oil and I don't see how that would mess up the trans, more than likely the rod IMO.. What's the best way to trouble shoot this further? Any ideas?? Also when I pulled the plug it was dry, so the oil didn't make it past the rings Thanks for any help you can provide!!