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  1. Hey guys, I have an 88 cr500. I need a safe but good pilot & main jet setup. I live in Wisconsin. Has an older Pro circuit black pipe. The rest stock. Thanks
  2. IS the water pump cover the same? Meaning will swap from my 88 to the newer(90+) crackcase cover. Thanks !
  3. Sounds good. I will find out. Ordering the case tommarow ! Thanks agian!
  4. Ha ha. your right.
  5. Does this updated clutch help for duribility? Oem or stock? Basket only? Thanks for all the help! jar944, Thanks for the info on the cover.
  6. Hey Guys, I just started a new project. I never have had a 500. Always 350 & down huskys,Ktm. The top end is all redone to stock from the previous owner. All Honda factory. I guess from what it looks, its needs a complete go over. Its in decent shape. Just needs some TLC. So any ideas that make these bikes better, please advise. This site is awesome too btw! Would be possible to hare scramble this thing, or am I nuts? Thanks in advance guys.
  7. Is this the part # I can use @ Honda (for the Dayco hose)? So I will need only qty (2) hoses? (4) clamps & (1) straight connector? Thanks a ton man!
  8. No kidding! Awesome. Will I need to buy different hoses as well?
  9. Seanmx, What year range can I go up too? I hate to buy a newer one & cant return it. Your giving me hope man! Thanks
  10. Guys, I have a big issue. My 88 cr500 is parked w/ out this cover. Antifreeze rotted the hose nipples on the top. Also the water impellar area. I see honda has discontinued this part. I also am having a really hard time finding one for this year or a another cover from a different year that will work. I see this must be a issue w/ these. Can you guys give me a lead to a good used or new one???? Thanks in advance!