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  1. Elkstalker77

    F150 W/2.7 Eco-Boost?

    I bought a 3.5L so I could pull my camper. I took my buddy for a ride and he was so impressed that he wanted one himself. I took him in and he ended up leaving with an extended cab 2.7L 4x4 auto XLT. He put some wheels and tires on it, leveled it, and has a big tool box in the back full of chains and straps... He has a 70 mile round trip to work everyday, and it's 80% highway, with some county highway and dirt road mixed in. He gets just a hair over 22 mpg.
  2. Elkstalker77

    3.5l Ecoboost exhaust

    You mean how do they sound bad with an exhaust?
  3. Elkstalker77

    3.5l Ecoboost exhaust

    The lower valance is the first piece, the second piece is just a big piece of felt like material. Supposedly you're supposed to pull it off because it holds mud and water. I pulled them both of my truck because they were full of mud.
  4. Elkstalker77

    3.5l Ecoboost exhaust

    I've wondered the same thing, but like you said, everybody I've talked to says it sounds more ricey than like a truck. Quite a few members of the eco boost forums seem fairly happy with the exhausts and BOV's from stage 3 motorsports. Personally, if I were to spend the money, I'd buy BOV's, and a programmer. If your truck still has that diaper style plastic deal underneath the motor, you can remove it and the turbo whistle is noticeably louder. It doesn't hurt anything, and is recommended by Ford to remove it if you plan on driving off road at all.
  5. Elkstalker77

    Cylinder replating

    I'd use millennium. I just shipped the monoblock off my sled to them. It stuck a ring in one hole, and cracked through the ports. I spoke with Jeff over there, and he was very helpful, and intelligent. They're charging 400 for the welding, boring, plating, and they're taking it back to OEM specs so I can put my new pistons in and go.
  6. I just finished making mine out of uhmw. I may make the next one out of md nylon. Slightly harder, but also more brittle. But I get free material and machine time from working in a plastic fabrication shop.
  7. My worst CL experience was when my ex put an ad in the casual encounters section after I kicked her out. I'm sure you can imagine what section she put it in. Such an evil woman.
  8. Elkstalker77

    GPI Radiators

    I had them on my 04 crf450, and I was really happy. First ride I dropped the bike a rock face, and of course the radiator took the brunt of the hit. It bent a little bit, but never leaked. I'd run them again.
  9. Elkstalker77


    It's motosport.com, not motorsport.com. And the oem parts diagrams will be your friend.
  10. Elkstalker77

    98 KX250 Possible bad crank seal

    So I finally got the bike into my mechanic. After talking to him for awhile, and explaining everything that was going on, he took it for a ride. When he came back, he said it's definitely not burning atf, but its burning coolant. I've got a new head gasket, but was wondering what else could fail in order to burn coolant. Thanks, James
  11. Elkstalker77

    98 KX250 Possible bad crank seal

    I've only had the bike a week. I fully understand jetting doesn't change on its own. I just don't recall it smoking this heavily when I test rode it.
  12. Elkstalker77

    98 KX250 Possible bad crank seal

    Thanks guys. And thanks for being patient, and giving me real answers. So I've spent hours between last night, and this morning scouring the internet on ideas where to start. I also just got home from my local kawi shop. Apparently they're unable (or unwilling) to perform a leakdown test for me. However, I did start it in front of one of their look down his nose, know it all mechanics, and he confirmed it is entirely too smokey. He said to him, it smelled a little like antifreeze, but I'm not losing any. What I'm going to do, is fill the oil to the check bolt, (boyeson cover) and flush/fill the radiators, and ride the shot out of it, and see what happens. I'm kinda bummed I traded my 450, just to have issues with this bike, but I guess some people just aren't as honest as I was. The stealership also said if I was sucking oil through, I should be fouling plugs, which I haven't. I picked the bike up 3 hours away from me, where it was track ridden, at 2900 feet elevation, and now I'm woods riding at almost 3300.
  13. Hi all. So first off, I'm brand new to the two stroke world. I traded my 450 for this bike last Saturday. I've only ridden it once, and loved it. My problem is, it seems a little smokey. I was just figuring it as being jetted rich, but after surfing the internet for awhile, now I'm unsure. Are there any quick things to check? I'll watch the oil level of course, but are there any other sure fire ways? The bike also seems boggy on the bottom, but pulls through the rest of the rpms really well. There's a little dribble of spooge on the pipe, but nothing horrible. I plan on tinkering with the jetting this coming week, but would like to be prepared for the worst. Any advice us much appreciated. Thanks guys.
  14. Elkstalker77

    MTXC series

    It was brutal haha. Two of us failed sound check right off the bat. And then I couldn't get my bike to start when my minute came up. I was so nervous that my knees were shaking. Then once I got it started I forgot to turn the gas on and died a Mile or two down the trail. But once I settled in and realized everyone was there for the same reason, it was an absolute blast. I made the mistake of not riding my brand new tires before the race, so that was a little sketchy. The whole experience was just incredible. We had to go through the obstacle course twice, and by the end of it, I couldn't lift my arms above my head. All in all, I finished 9th out of 27 riders in my class. The second race was nothing like I had thought I could expect. The rain made it such a muddy nightmare that the organization changed it from 50 miles for my class to 5. After fighting and fighting for nearly two hours, I called it. It took an hour and forty minutes to go 3.6 miles. The train was so poor in the clay and glacial silt, that I could not go fast enough to keep the bike cool. Where I quit was at a near waist deep creek crossing, and I feared I'd swamp my 450. Third race is next weekend, and I'm hoping to redeem the dnf.
  15. Elkstalker77

    Montana MTXC series

    A few friends and I decided we're going to run in the mtxc series this year. Out of the three of us, there is absolutely zero race experience. We all ride strictly trails, but just aren't really sure what to expect at the events. Anyone have any insight or advice for the races such as the Ought Six Enduro that's in two weeks? Thanks guys, James