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  1. From all the reading I have done on here, it seems that most pipes for the YZ just move the power around to different points. However, on different machines, they can make a huge difference. The Toomeys on my Banshee for example, are a night and day difference in comparison to the stock units.
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    Hand Guards

    Those look like the Acerbis... do you have a link?
  3. 59bisquik

    New to the board, picking up a YZ tomorrow!

    I picked up this link on the board during a search. MX tech and Racetech both have calculators and they vary a bit. I will call my local suspension place and discuss it with them before getting one. But it looks like they will get you in the ball park. Like in my case, comes with a 4.7 but needs a 5.7... http://www.mx-tech.com/?id=products&cat=2
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    New to the board, picking up a YZ tomorrow!

    I took her out for the weekend and put down about 30 miles of desert riding. It beat me up pretty bad or I am more out of shape than I thought. Long story short, after riding a friends YZ450 with upgraded suspension, I have realized that the rear spring at a minimum is way to soft for me. The MX calculator says a 5.7 for the rear and that is the same rate my buddy on his 450 uses. Looks like I will be getting springs before the next outing.
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    New to the board, picking up a YZ tomorrow!

    No paddles for the YZ, we have two Banshees set up for that! The YZ will be pretty much for desert use. Matching tires, skid plates and a desert tank top the list. Last time out in the desert with the Banshee we went thru alomost a full tank in 18 miles... we shall save the thirsty one for dune use!
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    New to the board, picking up a YZ tomorrow!

    All great advice! My plans after a bit of riding are more focused around some skid plates and such. I will be leaving the engine alone for quite a while. I need alot more seat time before making it any faster. I consider myself a beginner on two wheels in the dirt. Yesterday reminded me of that.
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    New to the board, picking up a YZ tomorrow!

    Thanks for the big welcome guys! picked her up today and rode for about a half hour around my place. Its been a long time since I have been on two wheels and I am out of practice. After lowering the tire pressure, it made a big difference. Looks like I will need some seat time to get comfy, but this bike is smooth and has plenty of power. Looks like a skidplate and kickstand will be the first goodies to get! As promised, here is a pic of the new bike and my Banshee. Sorry, the only photo I have of it so far has me on it, but I am sure that you guys are familiar with what a stocker looks like!
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    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    We have 3... 87 Banshee 89 Banshee 04 YZ250
  9. This is my first post on the board, so I thought I would say hi to everyone. I will be picking up a 04 YZ250 tomorrow and plan on getting into some desert racing with it. Its a stocker and I will be here asking plenty of questions and looking for advice on what list of goodies I will need. The wife and I both ride Banshees and spend a considerable amount of time at Dumont and Glamis. However, after riding my Banshee out in the desert the other day, the decision to get a bike was pretty easy. I look forward to chatting with everyone!