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  1. Well it's 2018, the new Husky 701 has a smoother engine and the 690r has been said to have better low end. The Husky is at the 12g price level and a another 3+ grand to adventurise it. So a clean used xr650l can be had for $3500 and with the 2-5 gear swap, Cush hub, oil cooler, and adventurising could eat up an easy another 3 grand. So is a new 690r or Husky 701 worth twice the price of a well farkled xr650l?
  2. Cody, Guess I am lucky to live half way between two Beta dealers and either one will let you test ride any bike. If your dealer won’t let you test ride ask who he has sold bikes to, maybe nobody if he isn’t allowing test rides. Tractionerag.ca is doing a similar Beta event in July called GrizBait. It will be north of you up in Terrace, British Columbia. I picture you living in the woods and if I lived in the woods I would get the 350 or 390. If I lived in the desert south west, I’d go with the 500. If I lived in Colorado, dessert to the left and woods to the right, it might mean multiple bikes.
  3. Well Cody this is a frequent question over on the bike specific Beta thread so be sure to check it out. I got to spend a week last summer riding the whole Beta fleet up in Quebec. I am 63 and I felt the 350 & 390 were the easiest and least tiring to ride. On the other hand there was a guy in the group my same age who would not give up the 480 for anything. After 3 days on the same bike he really got a feel for riding the 480. Check out the latest issue of tractionerag.ca for the Woods Runners article, that's the event I was riding. I actually came home wanting the 350 very badly but I know the 390 makes more sense because I would be running it down more pavement than I would like to admit.
  4. Two totally different bikes, X-Trainer vs. X-ride. The X-Ride is a trail bike for geezers that handles like a trials bike. The X-Trainer is the easy to ride version of the Beta 300rr but not as easy to ride as the X-Ride. The X-Trainer has a hard to pull clutch lever that will kill my hand in minutes while the X-Ride is one finger easy all day. The X-Trainer will fly through the woods at warp speed while the X-Ride will only go just a little faster than a trials bike-with out doing a rear sprocket swap. Maybe the only mod needed for a trail rider. Challenging terrain is easier for me on the X-Ride vs X-T. When I traded off my Beta 450rr I had narrowed it down to theses two bike and after spending time on both, I just felt the X-Ride fit me better and two years later no regrets. After owning a 2011 problem child Beta 450rr, you won’t see me saying Betas are of a better build quality than Sherco. Zero problems on the X-Ride.
  5. Road the single tracks of this Black Hills event last year on my X-Ride and had a two day blast: http://www.dakotadualsportriders.com/smf/index.php?topic=2498.0
  6. What model brand new stock Honda carb did you buy?
  7. PS I have two photos of my XR650L over on page 225 of “Show your Pig” thread. Gives a look at eastern Dakota. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/209964-show-your-pig/?page=225
  8. I didn’t start riding motorcycles until I was 52 and I am now 63 so I have never raced or competed. On the other hand I have became addicted to dirt bike schools and have attended dirt bike training from Quebec (a week with Barry Morris from Australia) to Alberta, from West Virginia to California, from Washington State to Nevada. In between I have attended dirt bike schools in Moab, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, and New Mexico. Oh I forgot, I did a two day class with Graham Jarvis at Trials Training Center. Since I flunked all those classes a Ryan Young class is coming up in May in Pennsylvania and I have signed up for my first Steve Hatch class in Colorado in June. I am proof you can’t teach an old geezer new tricks. As to the XRL, I brought my used 07 bike (with just 2562 miles on it) home in a January snow storm. We just had 16 inches more snow last weekend so I have not had a chance to check out the suspension yet. As to the looks, comfort, and top speed, I am ok with that. Just a little kick in performance would be enough to keep me happy. Adventurising a KTM 500 sounds the best, especially if your just connecting trails or not really touring. I actually tried adventurising a 2011 Beta 450rr which was actually awesome in the woods but, when I spent 3 and half hours riding and fighting a frequent and typical severe Dakota prairie cross wind, that was enough. I traded the Beta off for a Sherco Enduro. Tried and still have a DR650 but it’s only better than the 800s off pavement. Even though most threads seem to like the DR650, I am liking my XR650L a lot more. I am guessing the T700 will be loads better on the pavement. If the T700 starts out 100 pounds heavier and you add 40 pounds of camping and touring gear will modern technology keep the bike as good off pavement as the XRL with just 40 additional pounds??? As mentioned I already have a real dirt bike. My XRL was less than half of your $6500 estimate. Actually my 08 DR650 and XRL together were less than $6500. Since the XRL needs a lot of mods your probably right on with your 4 grand estimate. Now originally I was thinking of trading off both the DR and XRL for the T700, but if I were to keep the XRL, the DR would be dumped for XRL mods. BMW uses the electronic tricks to bump up the price. I have found the hard way that there isn't a BMW dealer between Missoula, Montana and Anchorage, Alaska. Also the BMW dealer in Anchorage doesn’t give a ———— if your clutch is out in the Yukon and you didn’t purchase your BMW from them. There is no doubt that the KTM adventure bikes are the most fun of the lot to ride. If the 790-R comes out way ahead of the T700 and doesn’t fill up pages of problems on ADVRider, I’ll run over to Star Cycle in Mankato, MInessota or the KTM dealer in Gillette, Wyoming to check it out. Again thanks for all the input guys.
  9. Regretfully we don’t have a KTM dealer in South Dakota I would ever buy a bike from. I once test road a 690 Enduro R at a KTM rally and it died 3 times going down hill. I was told on one of these threads that it was a known 690 problem. On the other hand we have a great Beta dealer. If I lived in Idaho my bike stable certainly would be different. If I could pick a place to live, Idaho would be in the top 5 choices.
  10. I should have mentioned do I make the XR650L into a better dual sport bike or just wait on the T700? I guess the T700 is all speculation at this point. Is it going to be a better dual sport or like a BMW- a street bike in wolf’s clothing. I have a dedicated & plated woods bike but it’s not a bike to do the back country routes of multiple states. Orange bikes are out. Not wanting one of the first T700s that come off the boat, ownership of the bike is at least 2 years away. I think I am answering my own question, make the XRL into a better dual sport adventure bike and not waiste two years of riding time. Anybody out there agree with that or am I missing something?
  11. Opinions over on Advrider seem to think that the T700 will be worse off road than the XR650L. So I am wondering, do the 2-5 gear swap plus 675 conversion or just save money for the T700? Anybody here thinking of giving up their XR650L for the T700?
  12. Interesting to see that even the perforated tank stickers peal off.
  13. As to the house in my first photo, I didn’t actually grow up there. I first discovered the house in 1973 while driving rendering truck, which means I picked up dead farm animals. Years later when driving by with my very own young children I would point over and say that was my first home and I would make up stories about living there. I think I came close to believing the stories myself. Back in 1973 the house already looked to be vacant for at least 15 years. The house was probably built around 1890 with electrification occurring around the late forties. As there is a TV antenna on the roof, it was at least occupied to the early fifties. As to this house it appears to be older and vacated without much notice at an even earlier date. There are old cars, old farm machinery, and old tools and belongings buried in the turf. I almost expect an old bachelor with no family or descendants was the last resident. What I like about exploring and taking photos with the XR650L is the bright red color. It says I am not out trying to sneak around. I also don’t carry lots of luggage which says I can’t steal and hide things. When I meet a rancher in his pickup it helps them assume the dominant role and makes me more approachable. I also make sure the camera is visible and I say I am just taking pictures before all this heritage is gone.
  14. Thanks for all the positive comments. This school that in a straight line between the school and the power line pole was about a mile and quarter away from the house. As to metal detecting, the barn, all the outbuildings, and even the trees have been removed. All of the yard and pasture have been plowed under to plant corn, easier money than cattle. I’ll get a photo posted of a metal detecting bonanza.
  15. My XRL in front of the house I grew up in.