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  1. Harry Potter

    Ride reports on 2019 Sherco motorcycles?

    I’ve been wondering just what in Australia made them request a 500?
  2. Harry Potter

    19 KTM 500 or Husky 501?

    The Honda 450L has a lot of unanswered questions as of today but maybe within accouple of weeks reviews will start showing up. I’ve got a local Honda dealer that would take my 650L in trade. The Beta 480rr-s has a great history and a recent dirt bike mag rated it above th KTM-Husky 500s. For myself and my location the dealer is the biggest deciding factor. Not a KTM dealer in the state I’d buy a bike from, Husky maybe, and the Beta dealer is the best of that bunch. Sounds like for the riding you want to do though a Beta 390 rr-s would be a better choice than the 500s. Five hundreds feel really heavy in the woods. Excluding the Highway part, I’d seriously look at a Sherco 300SEF. The way Sherco has been winning hard enduros lately, they could be the best built bikes on the market.
  3. Harry Potter

    All things Sherco X-Ride.

    Sounds like a good idea.
  4. Harry Potter

    All things Sherco X-Ride.

    Mine didn’t come with a vent hose on it there.
  5. Harry Potter

    2019 GasGas EC Ranger

    I’m interested in this bike and I have a great dealer close. I hope more reviews pop up soon.😊
  6. Hi, I dug up an old thread that says you can drop in a 330 watt ‘86 VT750 Shadow Stator and Regulator into a XR650L and before I order the parts can someone tell me if this is for sure true. Thanks.
  7. Harry Potter

    XR650L or Beta/KTM/Husky?

    Thanks for posting. I have the 2nd and 5th gear parts ready to go just trying to decide on engine mods to do at the same time. Thanks
  8. Harry Potter

    XR650L or Beta/KTM/Husky?

    So what are your recommended wake up mods? Thanks
  9. Harry Potter

    XR650L air scoops on with 4 gallon tank?

    Ok, thanks.
  10. Has anybody managed to keep the air scoops on when swapping to a IMS or Clark 4 gallon tank? Thanks
  11. Harry Potter

    Sherco 2019

    My experience with the Sherco bike and importer has been five stars positive. Being the importer takes a lot balls and 'Energy'. I couldn't handle the stress and the risk. Glad to see at least one brave soul willing to try. Apparently no one in Canada is willing to step up to the plate. If you have never had to make pay roll you have no clue. Back on topic, will that extra big fuel tank on the 2019 rally be available to fit onto other bikes?
  12. Harry Potter

    Other mods when doing 2nd and 5th gear swap

    Again thanks for the replys.
  13. Harry Potter

    Xride opinions......

    Strange thing I just had three different people test ride my X-Ride at a Steve Hatch Racing class and all three, including a Beta Cross Trainer owner said they preferred the X-Ride to the bikes they brought to the class. As we have just seen in another 2019 Sherco thread there is a poster here that just likes bashing Sherco because of a conflict with the importer. So just demo the bike and see if it matches your needs not some one else’s.
  14. Harry Potter

    Other mods when doing 2nd and 5th gear swap

    Thanks for all the replies. The bike is an ‘07. So if I go with this higher compression piston what else has to be done at the same time? And where did you get the JE 600r piston from? Thanks for your time.
  15. Harry Potter

    THIS IS OUR 2017 BETA 500RR-S & 125RR-S THREAD

    Thanks for the reply. I was asking about miles to gallon. Years back I had a carborated 2011 450rr and the mile per gallon was to low to make a Dual Sport out of it.