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  1. fred900

    2016 FC350 Info?

    I got them from Dean at http://www.burke-motorsports.com. He revalved and sprung them for my weight and and lack of skills. When I got the pipe from the shop, they told me they have mapping for the pipe so I had they load that map, it replaces the Aggressive map.
  2. fred900

    2016 FC350 Info?

    I opted for the Ohlins Cartridge internals and the Ohlins Rear shock. The bike is perfect! Rode mine back to back with the Cone Valve forks and the owner and I both agree the Ohlins were better. Around $2500 for both, expensive but worth it. I let a few people ride it and they agree it is the best bike they have ridden. I also went with the FlexxBars, because I'm 50 now, and have them on every bike, They made the stock suspension less harsh, but it was only a temporary fix. I got the FMF slip on and had it reprogramed. I love it and it reminds me of my 14 YZ250 2T.
  3. fred900

    ohlins ttx cartridge fork kit

    I was also very unhappy with the forks on my 2016 350. After reading so much about a revalve wasn't much of an improvement I went with the Ohlins TX22 fork cartridges. The bike is perfect now. I love the forks now and feel I am riding better and faster. Worth the money only when you consider it would of cost you at least 4-500 to get them revalved a not much better than stock. Thinking about getting the rear shock too, but really don't think I need it. Anyone done both on a SXF350?
  4. I read through the whole post, I swear!!! Anybody that redrilled the front fender have pics? Was there any problem with holes being redrilled as in not so secured? Someone gave me a free fender and number plate for a 2015 and I want to mount it to my 14 if it will work with the redrilling. Thanks!!!
  5. fred900

    decompression pin snapped twice on me?

    Same thing just happened to me in my 2013 CRF450R. I have a Hotcam. I thought they fixed the pin problem, so I was blaming it on the Hotcam.
  6. fred900

    2014 CRF 450R - Best mods? ECU? Pipe?

    Not a bit, perfect all the way to the top.
  7. fred900

    hinson slipper clutch diagram

    Call them, they will send it to you. 909-946-2942
  8. fred900

    2014 CRF 450R - Best mods? ECU? Pipe?

    The cheapest and best mod is a stage 2 HotCam and a reprogram. For $250 you can't beat it. In supermoto I have not had anyone ever pass me on the straight.
  9. fred900

    hinson slipper clutch diagram

    I bought one and it came with it. Well they emailed it to me since I got it when it first came out and it wasn't in the box.
  10. fred900

    Honda CRF450R 2013

    Best CRF450R to Date.
  11. fred900

    Honda CRF450R (2013)


    Best CRF450R to Date.
  12. fred900

    hinson slipper clutch diagram

    This good enough?
  13. fred900

    2013 crf 450 mods

    They just said, "not in the plans at the moment."
  14. fred900

    2013 crf 450 mods

    They won't make an Air4orce for the 13-14. I had everyone I know contact them to show interest, but they said no. If you can get them to make one please let us know. I am using the K&N right now for Supermoto and is noticeable, Don't really trust it for dirt riding though. I use the twin air for tracks with a dusty dirt section.
  15. fred900

    2013 450 top end rebuild.

    Yeah, Supermoto is like that, either full gas or full brakes while on the pavement.