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  1. I got them from Dean at He revalved and sprung them for my weight and and lack of skills. When I got the pipe from the shop, they told me they have mapping for the pipe so I had they load that map, it replaces the Aggressive map.
  2. I opted for the Ohlins Cartridge internals and the Ohlins Rear shock. The bike is perfect! Rode mine back to back with the Cone Valve forks and the owner and I both agree the Ohlins were better. Around $2500 for both, expensive but worth it. I let a few people ride it and they agree it is the best bike they have ridden. I also went with the FlexxBars, because I'm 50 now, and have them on every bike, They made the stock suspension less harsh, but it was only a temporary fix. I got the FMF slip on and had it reprogramed. I love it and it reminds me of my 14 YZ250 2T.
  3. I was also very unhappy with the forks on my 2016 350. After reading so much about a revalve wasn't much of an improvement I went with the Ohlins TX22 fork cartridges. The bike is perfect now. I love the forks now and feel I am riding better and faster. Worth the money only when you consider it would of cost you at least 4-500 to get them revalved a not much better than stock. Thinking about getting the rear shock too, but really don't think I need it. Anyone done both on a SXF350?
  4. I read through the whole post, I swear!!! Anybody that redrilled the front fender have pics? Was there any problem with holes being redrilled as in not so secured? Someone gave me a free fender and number plate for a 2015 and I want to mount it to my 14 if it will work with the redrilling. Thanks!!!
  5. Same thing just happened to me in my 2013 CRF450R. I have a Hotcam. I thought they fixed the pin problem, so I was blaming it on the Hotcam.
  6. Not a bit, perfect all the way to the top.
  7. Call them, they will send it to you. 909-946-2942
  8. The cheapest and best mod is a stage 2 HotCam and a reprogram. For $250 you can't beat it. In supermoto I have not had anyone ever pass me on the straight.
  9. I bought one and it came with it. Well they emailed it to me since I got it when it first came out and it wasn't in the box.
    Best CRF450R to Date.
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    Best CRF450R to Date.
  11. This good enough?
  12. They just said, "not in the plans at the moment."
  13. They won't make an Air4orce for the 13-14. I had everyone I know contact them to show interest, but they said no. If you can get them to make one please let us know. I am using the K&N right now for Supermoto and is noticeable, Don't really trust it for dirt riding though. I use the twin air for tracks with a dusty dirt section.
  14. Yeah, Supermoto is like that, either full gas or full brakes while on the pavement.