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  1. AlStocker

    2017 CRF 450RX Service Manual?

    I have a 2010 manual. Don't know if it helps. Let me know
  2. AlStocker

    350 excf

    Thanks guys. Yep Aussie. Queenslander 6ft1 100kg (need to shed a few) Need to plate it but haven't looked that far into it.
  3. AlStocker

    350 excf

    Hello all. I am looking at selling my CRF450R and getting a 350 excf and was after som opinions. I ride tight trails and never race. Biased group I know but just asking.
  4. AlStocker

    New Bike, New Member

    Hey Eddie how much for one with your renowned remap posted to good old OZ?
  5. AlStocker

    New Bike, New Member

    Hey mate where are you located? I am on the Gold Coast and I am wanting to get a re-map as we'll. pity I don't have a spare so I could send one to Eddie.
  6. AlStocker


    Well I finally got out for the weekend after having made modifications over a month ago, and I have to say I love the rekluse zstart pro, hills I was previously fighting with I was screaming up in 2nd or even 3rd with enough momentum. I understand people who do not like them but as a 43 year old man who is not bike fit I am a massive fan. The custom overflow worked a treat and I did not loose a bit of fluid all weekend.
  7. AlStocker

    MX/Off road riding only for the rich?

    Yep I got back last night and it cost me a fortune, and I am up for 2 new bikes as these damed kids keep growing and getting better.
  8. AlStocker

    MX/Off road riding only for the rich?

    I am going away this weekend for my sons 10th birthday it is all he wanted costs as follows 3 Bikes (my 12yo daughter rides as well) $65.00per day for 3 days $195.00 Camping Fees $40.00 per night 2 nights $80.00 Fuel (Gas) $90.00 Food ??? Extras??? in all the weekend will probably cost me in excess of 6 - 700 Bucks. in saying this I would not give it up for the world and when my kids both beg me to take them riding it is music to my ears, neither of them even ask to bring a piece of electronic equipment. It is an expensive sport but one we all love.
  9. AlStocker

    CRF450R Gearbox lockup

    What shop so I know not to go there?
  10. AlStocker

    Tyre pressure.

    Yeah I will split the difference next time and see how things go. Thanks Shawn
  11. AlStocker

    Tyre pressure.

    I have a "general" tyre as I ride all sorts of terrain, depends on which direction I go. Have been loving the loose rock hills as it is really improving my riding and fitness. Tyre pressure seems to be the easiest fix.
  12. AlStocker


    Cool I am a Aus size 11.5 (13 US) I will have a look at them. Thanks as always guys.
  13. AlStocker


    Hey all does anyone use the hammerhead over sized gear leaver and rear break? I seam to miss the shifter a bit an was wondering if they might help as they claim to. Damed yettie sized foot on me.
  14. AlStocker

    Tyre pressure.

    Thanks guys. Way to hard last ride will play around a bit.
  15. AlStocker

    Goodbye my beloved CRF450R...

    Flags at half mast mate.