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  1. There is a bunch of trails through the woods and around the farm feilds behind corporate landing middle school that i ride at and wondered if anyone else goes out there that would like to meet up.
  2. scootvb

    Countershaft replacement XR400

    So hey rothman 24, did u buy the gasket kits a and b? was that all you needed other than the shaft itself? ive already asked but since you have done it kinda recently u might know everything i need
  3. scootvb

    Countershaft replacement XR400

    How do u mean? I took the right side cover off and found the idler gear disconnected , with the end of the countershaft broken off inside of it. The kicker shaft is fine.
  4. scootvb

    Countershaft replacement XR400

  5. scootvb

    Countershaft replacement XR400

    thats right, it broke when kicking
  6. scootvb

    Countershaft replacement XR400

    Hey thanks for the response and for the forum info! Yeah so I've only had this bike for about 6 months now and wasn't aware of this being a common problem for this bike, but I am now. So I didn't really do anything out of the ordinary when it broke. I had just stopped to catch a breather and when I went to start up again on the first kick it just snapped like a twig. I didn't know what it was at the time and was surprised to find out when I took the right side cover off that the tip of the shaft that holds the idler gear just sheared off. It seems ridiculous to me that the shafts end is hollow. Anyways, I guess it wasn't too much of an improvement from 98' to 99'. So I was planning on getting the parts from either bike bandit, cheap cycle parts, or partzilla. Do these places sell genuine honda oem parts? If not, does it really matter? If anyone knows let me know, thanks!
  7. Hey I'm looking to replace my broken off countershaft on my 00' XR400. I got the manual and Ive read some other posts with everyone saying it is pretty simple. Im sure i can handle it but I want to make sure I get all the right stuff to do it before I completely tear it down. What i would like to know is, does anyone have a parts/gasket list for the job? It looks like i need the right and left covers, and the crankcase gaskets. What about a head gasket and such? I'd appreciatte any advice anyone can give me thanks!