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    XR650L valve adjust question

    Hey guys- I just picked up a neglected 93 XRL and am going through a few things. I adjusted the valves (first time ever having done this.) I had trouble with that right exhaust valve. After I started the engine, it was making a ton of racket. I ran it for a minute or so and, realizing something wasn't right, shut it down. After reading this thread, I realized my mistake (thank you!) I went back today, and after confirming I had it a TDC, I checked that right exhaust valve and it was WAY loose. I got it dialed into spec, started it up and it sounded great- no chatter, BUT there was a cloud of blue smoke that started up a little while after I got it going, and then went away maybe 10 seconds later. Do you think I may have damaged the valve or seat by running it while out of adjustment so much? thanks, Vince
  2. Hey Spud- thanks VERY much for the info- and for all the work you do on here- We appreciate it. I look forward to hanging out on the forum. Vince
  3. Hi Guys- another newbie here- I used to ride an 84 XL600R back when that was a new bike- now that I'm well into mid-life crisis mode, I purchased a 93 XR650L a couple of weeks ago along with an 86 XR80R for my kids. The 650 runs great, but has been neglected. One of the things I'm doing is replacing the chain and sprockets and have read the threads on using an XRR sprocket on the front and would like to do that. I was looking to buy a kit with front, back and chain, but it sounds like the rear sprocket would need to be drilled out to fit the XRL- so I think I'll just buy them individually. My question is, does the fact that I have an older XRL make any difference in this front sprocket thing? I see they didn't start making 650Rs til 2000 or thereabouts. Am I still ok with the later XR650R sprocket on my early XR650L? A link to the part would be great- I think I'm just going to start with the 15/45 combo and see how I do. I'm also looking for bearings, a manual, filters etc. I'd like to order everything from one place on one order if possible. What do you suggest for a good all-round online store? thanks,