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    Hillclimbing and riding alot. Hunting and fishing too!!
  1. No its hard to beat OEM. The guy who is doing the motor work for me gets a huge discount on Carrillo parts so that is what Im going with.
  2. I am going with a CP Carrillo rod and piston. I am worried about the 14' rod failures so figured it was time to upgrade. Nothing worse then worrying about your motor while 20 miles in the back country in 4' of fresh snow.
  3. Thanks Gray! This helps me a lot. Putting a new bottom and top end in my 14' YZ so wanted to do this mod while everything is tore apart. Using the bike for snowbiking in the winter and it works great but would like some more top end speed on the trail in and out of the mtns.
  4. I know this can be done. Wondering if anyone has done it yet and what parts I need? Thanks in advance!!
  5. WYO522

    Suspension setup

    Jesse Black with Division MX Suspension is the best I've ever had. Look them up on Facebook or I can get you their phone # if you like. Pricing is comparable and customer service is amazing!
  6. WYO522

    Paddle tire

    Skat-Trak has the best paddle tires. Dunlop MX11's are great tires, but are just knobbies shaped in a scoop.
  7. WYO522

    Rotella T in 16 yz250f?

    T6 in my wifes 2012 WR250F and my other 4 bikes. 100's of hours and no failures, and wear on all internal parts have been normal. Love Rotella T6
  8. WYO522

    02 yz426 top end rebuild

  9. WYO522

    valve spec and fix

    100+ hours of practice and hillclimb events, dirty an dusty conditions, lots of rev limiter, with 30hp shot of NOS installed for the last 40hrs, and the FactionMX valves and springs haven't worn at all. The clearances at the end of last season were same as the day I installed them. They aren't all that bad in my opinion.
  10. WYO522

    valve spec and fix

    Faction MX is the brand. If I remember right they weren't all that expensive. I bought them on rockymountainatvmc.com
  11. WYO522

    valve spec and fix

    I have a 2013 YZ450F that has stainless steel intake valves and springs that I installed after the stock retainers (in a new GYTR head) began to fail after only 10 hours. I lightly lapped the steel valves into the stock seats and have been running the bike ever since. Last I checked at around 100 hrs everything was in spec. Not saying what I did was right, but like you, I couldn't get a solid answer about lapping steel valves to the stock seats so I did it. So far, so good.
  12. WYO522

    Fuel questions

    Sorry for the misinformation. I could swear I read somewhere in a fuel data sheet that U4.4 had a high % of ethanol in it, but I cant find it now. Thanks to grayracer for clearing up any confusion I caused
  13. WYO522

    13 YZ450 (good) Vibrations

    ProTaper makes rubber mounted bar mounts.
  14. WYO522

    13 YZ450 (good) Vibrations

    I have had a 2010 and 2, 2013 YZ450F's and have never had issue with vibration. I believe several companies make rubber mounted bar mounts that might help you?
  15. WYO522

    Fuel questions

    VP U4.4 is full of Ethanol. So, if you are not wanting ethanol in your bike then stay away from it. Ethanol is used to carry the oxygen in "oxygenated" fuels. that being said, I run U4.4 in my race bikes and love it. I treat the fuel with Enzyme Fuel Treatment. It seems to keep the ethanol from gumming things up too bad. I do not leave it in my bikes more the a month though.