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    DRZ 400 S Tyres - UK owner

    Thanks for your information. That's 3 out of 3 for the Continental TKC 80. I am a little confused by the different tyre measurement systems. Could any of you advise the exact Continental TKC 80 tyres I require to replace both of my Bridgestone Trail Wing tyres which are marked. (2004 DRZ 400 S) Front - TW 41 80-100-21 Rear - TW 42 120-90-18 Cheers Steve
  2. bodderboy

    DRZ 400 S Tyres - UK owner

    Hello. I own a DRZ 400 S and live in the UK. Could anyone advise replacement tyres to fit for 70 % road commute 30 % weekend forest trail use. Bridgstone have advised me that the Trail Wing tyre TW 41 80-100-21 is no longer available. I would prefer a similar style of tyre (not too aggressive on the knobblies) and hopefully the same manufacturer for the rear (currently TW 42 120-90-18) Many thanks Steve