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    Governor for Chinese 50cc

    Thanks so much for the help. I'll give that a try. I also thought about cutting a piece of the handgrip out and putting a screw into the handlebar area to limit how much throttle he can give it. He tends to go a good speed and then all of a sudden take off and lose control. He then wipes out and doesn't let go of the throttle so he's laying with the bike on top of him and the back tire spinning out, not safe. It's also only been a few days that he's had the bike, but just something temporarily to get him use to the feel of it. I appreciate the help, the video makes it more clear to me as a novice.
  2. kjm84

    Governor for Chinese 50cc

    I bought my 5 year old son a cheap 50cc dirt bike for him to learn on. I thought about putting training wheels on, but decided against it since he's been without training wheels on his bicycle for over a year. My question is how do I slow down the throttle so he can't go full speed. I have no experience with this kind of stuff, but I'm a quick learner so if someone explained it I'd be able to do it. Not sure how to go about adding a governor to the bike since it didn't come with one. Thanks for the help.