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    Princeton, IL -- Riders Welcome

    a jump is usually three feet in length for every foot in heighth. doesn't necessarily have to but its smoother that way
  2. I was out riding my bike in the snow and it started dieing on me. and it was a bitch to start. Now i can start it 5th or 6th (it didnt take more than two before) kick but it wont stay on unless you give it a little throttle. you can kind of hear the valves shaking and hitting in there and the exhaust was glowing red hot all the way up to the leg guard. and it was in a well lit garage. also as soon as i turn the choke off it just bogs down to a death pretty sad but i dont want to go get the exhaust valve fixed and find out its a different problem.. im not rich like a lot of people riding im a 17 yr old not even getting min. wage trying to save up 1200 to fix it(rough estimate)
  3. 4smokers777

    Got my 2013 today

    hows it ride? ive been thinking about getting one because my bike is 11 years old lol. but i noticed when i went to grayboys it was even smaller than the kx250f sitting next to it. which i guess is a good thing