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  1. Toby.1978

    Ktm 125 keeps blowing seals

    I think I'm bleeding all out keep bleeding till the damper rod has resistance from bottom to top and vice versa then setting the oil gap 110mm with a proper motion pro fork oil level tool the one thing I have noticed is if I bleed air out of fork caps the forks do get air in them even just sat there
  2. Toby.1978

    Ktm 125 keeps blowing seals

    Yeah installing the seals the right way and with a seal driver c clip in and seat and dust seal seated it doesn't blow the seals out of position it just leaks oil every time these aren't the first forks I've rebuilt I've done loads on other makes even other wp units but these just keep leaking and it costing me a fortune even considering getting new units and doing away with these funny three bushing units
  3. Toby.1978

    Ktm 125 keeps blowing seals

    The seals are all balls and the tubes are fine
  4. Toby.1978

    Ktm 125 keeps blowing seals

    Hi got a 2003 125 and it just keeps blowing seals every ride had new bushes and seals standarded air gap I've tried bushes in standarded set up and done the reversal but still always blows the seals I ride h&h in uk so mainly woods I only weigh 12 stone and bike is an sx any idears would be great cheers
  5. Toby.1978

    Ktm 125 bushings

    Hi I have seen a lot of stuff recently about the third bush removal and the third bush reversal plus drilling new holes in slider for oil flow which is best I ride mainly woods and find the standard mx set up harsh but wonder which would be better cheers
  6. Toby.1978

    Ktm 125 fork oil hight

    Hi guys I have a 2003 125 just rebuilt the forks was going to put in the oil and then found loads of different opinions on fork oil air gap mesurements any idears I ride mainly in woods races if this is any help cheers
  7. Toby.1978

    Ktm 125sx 2003 steering locks

    Yeah mine are fitted but its more the hitting the rad when I adjust it in that worries me
  8. Toby.1978

    Ktm 125sx 2003 steering locks

    Hi does anyone know how to get more lock on the 125sx I have moved the Cdi box to in air box but the lock still hits rads and in the trees some times makes it hard work cheers
  9. Toby.1978

    Ktm 125 sx forks

    Cheers I have a manual but it says an air gap of 100-110mm never seen that before my husqvarna Yamaha and gas gas have always given ml of oil
  10. Toby.1978

    2003 ktm 125 to 144

    Cheers for all the advise guys have looked in to it and a little out my price range at the mo as got to rebuild front forks and was kinda hoping it was just a new cylinder and piston
  11. Toby.1978

    Ktm 125 sx forks

    Hi have 2003 sx how many ml of oil do the forks take for standard settings cheers and does anyone know how to get more steering lock for in the woods
  12. Toby.1978

    2003 ktm 125 to 144

    Hi does anyone know if its possible to convert 2003 ktm 125 in to a 144 and if so how easy or what's involved to do it or is it something that shouldn't be attempted any info would be great cheers