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  1. BPley

    FMF Power Core 4 and FMF Q4 Quiet core.

    i have the powercore 4 if you are looking for a quiet slip on... dont get the powercore 4 it was loud with the spark arrestor in it is ridiculous with the spark arrestor out on videos, you can hear me over the crf450 that is closer to the camera than i am lol
  2. BPley

    Rear brake on 04 cr230f

    its never a bad idea to pull the rear wheel off ever so often and clean out the drum i find.. usually every couple rides packs it full debris from the trails..
  3. BPley

    03 CRF 230f or 04 KDX 200

    ^^ agreed buddy had a 199x something kdx 220, so a little bit more bike again.. he destroyed me even in the tight shit where the 230f excels not a retarded amount of power and crazy hits on throttle like a 250 2t MX bike.. tame, yet very powerful depends i suppose how much 2 stroke experience you have.. it is very different riding a 2 stroke, opposed to a 4 stroke best of luck!
  4. BPley

    2009 Honda CRF230F

    here we are
  5. BPley

    2009 Honda CRF230F

    just go in and crack the carb, have a look.. it all makes sence.. frickinjim on youtube (gabechroust) on here i believe has a great video on the carb i will try to find it
  6. BPley

    Cable Extensions

    i believe you can custom order cables for all different applications.. cant remember the name of the company that did it.. i believe someone on this 230 forum did it.. could have been a different forum... hmmm lemme hit google and see here we are http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/custom/