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  1. Alright so I removed the bottom end and noticed a little bit of grinding by where the reed valves come in and off to the side of the crank. Pics are attached, ignore the dirtiness. I just want to know if any of those marks like that would pose a threat after it is all rebuilt, is it something to worry about?
  2. I think I'm going to rebuild it just to be safe
  3. Guessing the only way to see is to tear it apart?
  4. Wouldnt that create play on the rod though?
  5. First post so not sure if I am in the right section but... I went to rebuild the top end of my bike (96 CR125) because of low compression: easy to kick, hard to start it by kickstarting, it could only bump start easily. So I took it apart and noticed some damage to the cylinder wall opposite the exhaust. Here is the piston Side where the damage was done with The cylinder head is a little pitted, I do not have a picture of my cylinder head at the moment but here is a picture of one with similar markings, mine is evenly spread out and about the same if not a little bit more than this one So my question is, what do you guys think? I have a top end that can be put on whenever but I do not want this to happen again. Not sure if I have do the bottom end. The connecting rod is a VESRAH replacement rod which leads me to believe the bottom end has been rebuilt at some point. No up and down play on connecting rod and a .40 feeler gauge fits snugly between the journal and a thrust washer. According to the manual it is in spec, one of my mechanics said it is fine and to just rebuilt the top end but another says the damage to the cylinder was probably caused by the lower end. Any advice helps, THANKS!!