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  1. moly grease is for cv's on your car. it is between 2% and 5% moly. moly paste at 60% moly is for splines and gears.
  2. pat hull

    no need to grind

    roger that. mine is a super-moto so i use a 16 for highway work. going to a 17 inch rear wheel shortened up the final drive ratio.
  3. pat hull

    no need to grind

    try a pbi sprocket. nice fit.
  4. pat hull

    no need to grind

    on previous post regarding xrr countershaft spocket upgrade some people resorted to using a grinder on the spocket to get it to fit the xrl. this is not nesassary. go to your local honda shop and purchase a 3 oz. tube of honda moly 60 paste. not grease. paste! moly grease is between 2% and 5% moly.it is for cv's and bearings. honda moly paste is 60% moly. it is for metal on metal. this will prevent further damage to splines. put light coat on shaft splines. install xrr spocket. use big socket and tap lightly with hammer. sprocket will go on with no problems. you purchased a new keeper flange, right? put a light coat of moly 60 on it also. moly is your friend.
  5. pat hull

    Purchaseing a 2014 XR650L

    a poular upgrade is a ktm 690.
  6. pat hull

    Piston Preferences?

    i agree that when compression goes up things get weird. it's an air cooled motor that works fine if you dont hot rod it.
  7. pat hull

    chain alignment...opinions?

  8. pat hull

    XL600 high compression piston pinging

    your better off going back to stock compression with a air cooled motor. go with a cam and head work. guy's with harleys learn this the hard way.
  9. pbi c/s sprocket is chrome/ moly. apply thin coat of honda moy 60 to splines. replace keeper flange with new part. blue locktite flange bolts. perhaps a titanium counter shaft would be an expensive cure.
  10. pat hull

    Clothes smell like exhaust?

    if it was a two stroke i'd say run white gas and castrol-r in it. yummy!
  11. pat hull

    So what's in your toolkit

    a leatherman multi-tool. maybe a cell phone.
  12. pat hull

    So what's in your toolkit

    a leatherman multi-tool. maybe a cell phone.
  13. pat hull

    Motard wheel set

    i found a set of excells for $700.00 for my xr650l. i used my stock hubs. however, i wish i would have used a cush drive hub on back as when you run asphalt all the time it is hell on chains and sprockets.
  14. pat hull

    New chain and tires for 2008 650L

    buy the best chain you can afford. buy the best front tire you can afford. buy the cheapest back tire you can afford because it will wear out as fast as an expensive one. there is no worse feeling to pay a bunch of money on a tire then go ride in the rocks and get home and half the knobbies are gone.
  15. pat hull

    how fast can a honda xr650l go ?

    a guy buys a new harley. he then complains that it will only do 110 mph. so he sinks 5k in the engine. now it does 115mph. the moral of the story is , it's not a crotch rocket!