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  1. ludodg

    Override, disable clutch interlock switch

    well I'm ashamed. I did look into the DRZ400-faq though!?! again, thx!
  2. ludodg

    Override, disable clutch interlock switch

    I'm sorry, subeng. English is my third language ... But i have it very difficult to understand your two last (very long) sentences. "lives" as in 'to live'? "Don't remember"? "which one was plug the left behind ends together". ??
  3. I'm not a tall man and have small hands. This and the fact that the clutch-lever on my 2004 drz is very worn, made me buy a new one, one that i can adjust (distance lever to grip). The problem is that this new lever-system does not have that switch installed, nore a way of the stock switch to be transfered to it. So I am considering disabling this switch. Someone told me that this can simply be done by short-circuiting it, by connecting the two wires permanantly. Is this correct? I have searched a bit on the forum and could not dig this info up (yet?) overhere. Now, I'm a bit against disabling this safety-procedure and I will certainly remove this witch in a way that I can install it back again later if i wanted to. Thx in advance for all tips
  4. ludodg

    lowering triple clamps

    Can you explain that a bit more, Rightcoastbias? thx for the tip!
  5. ludodg

    lowering triple clamps

    And thx for the help!
  6. ludodg

    raising handlebars

    This is the actual situation. I suspect that the triple clamps are allready in a high position, of aren't they? I allready thought about turning the throttle cables to the bottom too. Might try that.
  7. ludodg

    lowering triple clamps

    About the clamps being a set: yes offcourse. Guess i did not explain myself very clear (I'm not english-native) The throttle cables are not (yet) tight now, but the speedometer is. But to adjust the fork leg: do i have to take off the front wheel first, so that i can work on every leg apart or should i be able raise both fork legs together? I'll add a picture of the actual situation. Might have an aftermarket top clamp?
  8. ludodg

    lowering triple clamps

    I bought a second hand DRZ400. It seems to me that the triple clamps were mounted very high. I think that the upper clamp is not stock and I noticed that there is quite some tension on some of the lines. The cable of the speedometer as an example seems to be too short. So I would like to lower the tripple clamps. I lossened all the bolts of the upper and lower clamp but the fork-legs would not move. ANy ideas how to do this job properly without disasters? Thx in advance Ludo (rookie)
  9. ludodg

    raising handlebars

    Hello all! I'm new here. I am working on the bike and would like to install some handlebar raisers: model SW-Motech: Vario Barpack link: http://shop.sw-motech.com/cgi-bin/cosmoshop/lshop.cgi?action=showdetail&wkid=136468562916152&ls=en&nc=1364685745-17913&rubnum=products.ergonomie.vario_lenkerverlegung&artnum=LEH.00.039.170/B&id=1&gesamt_zeilen=Tshowrub--products.ergonomie.vario_lenkerverlegung&typid=93876725 The problem is that my throttle cabels seem to short. Any ideas or solutions? Should i look and buy some longer throthle-cables?