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  1. aoyue2702

    CRF70 Factory Service Manual Question

    Thanks for the link. I saved it so I will have a digital copy.
  2. hey guys, I own a 2005 CRF70F and a 2002 XR70R , both bikes are nearly identical. I purchased a factory honda service manual on ebay that says it covers "2004-2006 HONDA CRF70F" My question is: Does my 2004-2006 CRF70F factory service manual cover more than just those specific years? I noticed the newer manuals just have a sticker placed over the old date, but the P/N for the book stays the same. Could the books be identical for multiple years? Would my XR70R benefit from this manual? Thanks and happy riding.
  3. aoyue2702

    1979 XR250 Broken Rockers

    Still no luck on finding any rockers for sale... Looks like I might have to part the bike out instead of fixing it.
  4. aoyue2702

    1979 XR250 Broken Rockers

    Do you mean XR200 or 250
  5. aoyue2702

    1979 XR250 Broken Rockers

    I recenty bought a 1979 XR200 for $100 , it didn't run and made a odd ticking noise when you tried to kick it. I took the valve covers off and noticed that 3 out of 4 rocker arms are broke. Does anyone know what would cause such a thing to happen? Also, on the top of the piston it has impressions from where the valves were hitting it. I've looked everywhere for replacements rockers, but I cant find anyone who has them for sale. Can anyone help me?
  6. aoyue2702

    YZ400 Engine/Rear Wheel lockup while riding

    I was wondering if that could be the problem... A local shop did the bore job and they have recently hired some drug addict idiots to work in the shop. Is there a way I can confirm the bore job is bad? Heres a picture of the bike BTW.
  7. aoyue2702

    YZ400 Engine/Rear Wheel lockup while riding

    Well, I finally got around to tearing the top end apart again. Here's what I found. Two corners appear to have seized on the piston, and the other two corners appear to look nearly brand new??? What could have caused a 2-corner seizure? The cylinder looks to be in better shape than the piston, however two corners of the cylinder does have some vertical scratches and scuffs in those spots. Is there any way I could possibly sand this or something along those lines and run it for the summer? I really, really dont have another $200 to drop on a fresh top end again. Also, I noticed the top of the piston had little bitty specks all over it, and when I looked a bit closer, it appears to be micro chips? What caused that?
  8. aoyue2702

    CRF 50 engine breakdown

    I can email you a service manual for a 2005 CRF70 if you'd like.
  9. aoyue2702

    Pablo's NX650 Turbo Install

    wow such a cool project. Now, if only I could get my 88 NX650 to get a spark I would be riding it!!! I think the pulse generator is bad on mine.
  10. aoyue2702

    YZ400 Engine/Rear Wheel lockup while riding

    scottp111 , There was almost no verticle play in the connecting rod, The bike was almost warmed up fully, probably been on for maybe 3-5 minutes, The carb is the same exact carb the bike came with, just new. And different jet size. I haven't inspected timing or clearances.' Is there a way to inspect timing without the need of special tools? The manual says I must use a dial guage, which I dont have. I am going to take the top end off today and inspect/post pictures for you guys. I apprecaite the help.
  11. aoyue2702

    YZ400 Engine/Rear Wheel lockup while riding

    The jetting in the manual calls for a 370 jet, however, I put a new carb on it and it's got a much smaller jet (I think a 320 or 330). I'm going to take the head off and see what it looks like.
  12. So... I was riding down the road breaking in the new piston and freshly bored cylinder today, was going about 55 mph on the pavement in 5th gear. All the sudden the engine dies and the rear wheel locks up (or maybe the other way around), causing me to go sliding left and right until I thought to pull the clutch in. Pulled over to the side of the of the road, put it in netrual, and it started first kick. Engine seems to be running normal again.... The same thing happend last time (causing the the rings to brake...), the engine locked up while curusing down the road, came home and the rings were broke and piston chewed up. What could be causing this? I don't know if the rings or piston has any damage this time, the whole top end maybe had 10 mins of riding on it. Maybe it could be tranny related? Yesterday I couldn't get it to go past 1st gear and netural, took the side cover off and the shifter engagement teeth had came out of position, I removed and reinstalled correctly and now it shifts gears again. I don't know what else to check for The bike is a 1978 YZ400
  13. aoyue2702

    1978 YZ400 Wont shift past 2nd

    Turns out the shifter selector teeth had jumped out of place somehow... Took it off and put it back on and lined up the punch marks, now it works fine.
  14. aoyue2702

    1978 YZ400 Wont shift past 2nd

    I am trying to shift while sitting still, rolling the bike... everything. Wont go past netrual. Seems like the shift drum doesn't move like its suppose to. I took the clutch basket off, and tried to examine whats going on, but it just seems like the engagement claw doesn't move forward like its suppose to (or maybe it does, but the drum is hung and not rotating??) Is there anyway I can manually shift it into gear with the side cover off? I am able to shift into netrual and first with the cover off, but I cant get it to go any further. Check out the pic I uploaded on the first post.