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  1. fastjunkie131

    Mind if I hang around?

    i have the same atv and your problem is that you need to up the voltage on the throttle position sensor (tps)to .64. and always make sure your battery is fully charged. get a battery tender.
  2. fastjunkie131

    2008 kx450f stock cams

    in need of some stock cams if anybody has any to part with prefer 2008 but i think 2007 to 2009 will work
  3. fastjunkie131

    Croom 3/25 (Sat.) w/DonO

    make the trip up to chipley would be much better time than croom sean malloy 131vetc
  4. fastjunkie131

    anyone riding this weekend?

    my friend and i will be at lake delancy on sunday
  5. fastjunkie131


    yea dono i will get you guys stuck in some tight stuff if you want, looking forward to meeting everyone. if hard rock dries up i will do a ride there also sean malloy #131vetc
  6. fastjunkie131

    ftr awards banquet

    what would really mean the world to me is to ride with you on oct 1st or the 2nd.
  7. fastjunkie131

    ftr awards banquet

    Good Attitude Man
  8. fastjunkie131

    ftr awards banquet

    so i guess that nobody else that i see on this forum is a ftr member?
  9. fastjunkie131

    ftr awards banquet

    anyone else going? maybee we can get a tt table together. i am going alone, can give me a chance to get to know some of you guys sean malloy #131vetc
  10. fastjunkie131

    FTR Racers

    sean vet c ftr/setra harescrambles,enduros #131c
  11. fastjunkie131

    FEAR list gathering???

    i just might do hardrock also,cant pass up the chance to go head to head with the mama on a mx track sean malloy #131VETC
  12. fastjunkie131

    FEAR list gathering???

    yeah theres single track out there. i got a 8 mile loop that you will really enjoy make sure you have handgaurds on your bike. takes me around 25 minutes to do one lap.
  13. fastjunkie131

    FEAR list gathering???

    onf on oct 2 sean malloy #131vetc
  14. fastjunkie131

    FEAR list gathering???

    my vote is for onf near lake delancy, hard rock will eat up the new tires that are going on my bike for the up coming season, plus you can put in some quality miles without getting bored, and if anyone wanted to go to hardrock its a half hour away. dono will lead the ride to clear out the spiders,since hes the mama
  15. fastjunkie131

    Labor Day at Durhamtown

    need to get a tt ride together soon up here in ocala .the race season starts real soon. sean malloy #131 vetc