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  1. Great, I would like to know how it goes with getting it running right. I think you will be fine.
  2. With ignition off, how does it feel slowly kicking it through? Is it really hard to kick or super easy. I might even remove the spark plug and push through the kick start, how does that feel? Put your finger in the plug hole and push through the kick start and see if there is compression. Listen for loose cam chain rattling. I would also complain about possible problems and unknowns and get price way down, he already said he doesn't want to deal with it. Under $500 and it would come home with me...just my opinion.
  3. I had an '82 XR200R years ago and rode in remote mountain areas of Tn. The factory tool bag behind the seat got trashed and I bolted an Army tool bag there using the plastic plate from the factory bag on the inside of the Army bag. Never seen anyone else do this, but it worked really good. With just tools it was almost flat, but would expand and take a water bottle and long sleeve t shirt. I kept all kinds of stuff in there, especially since I rode by myself. I also carried ty wraps and about 8" of fuel line ty wrapped to the frame. Tape wrapped around the wrenches I also thought was a good space saver. I know this was a tool topic but made me remember my tool bag!
  4. I have a Clarke 4.0. Had a blue one that faded bad. Clarke said the plastic tanks have to 'breathe' and would not keep the color. I then got a white Clarke, which has since faded to a neutral color (taken about 12 years). I'm so used to it now I don't even think about it. I installed a non vacuum petcock, and know if I had to I could lean it over and get more gas, haven't had to do that. So I am fine with mine. take note though, it is a tight fit against the welded on 'wire' cable holder going down the left side of the steering head. That needs to be bent away from tank or it will rub a hole in it quickly (I would guess).
  5. I replaced my vacuum petcock with an OEM from an XT350 (I think) I just looked for the bolt holes to match. It on a 4 gal Clark. No problem in about 8 years!