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  1. mattxr250

    1977 XL100 brake light question

    well, now i think i have a short or a bad ground after playing with the wiring because i got the brake light and taillight to work somehow now, but my brake light flashes when i turn on the signals. any other ideas?
  2. mattxr250

    1977 XL100 brake light question

    sweep, i tried that and it didn't seem to work. i'm going out to try it again now. hopefully it will work right this time.
  3. mattxr250

    1977 XL100 brake light question

    tried spinning the bulb, but it only stays in the socket if you put it in the certain way. thought about re-wiring the light, but the way this bike's light is set up makes it look like it's difficult. does anyone know where i can find the exact right conversion for the bulb?
  4. hey guys, got a question for you. i am putting together an old XL100 (1977 to be specific) and i realized the taillight was out, but the brake light worked. i pulled off the taillight cover to find a two-filament bulb with one filament broken as i had expected. i removed the bulb and went to the nearest Murray's Auto store. the number on the ancient bulb said "6V21/3CP" but of course they've changed bulb codes in the last thirty years and the guy at the store said to find one that looked similar. i did so, and bought a Sylvania 1154 6 volt light. after getting home and putting it in the bike, i reached a weird point. the bright filament in the bulb, what is supposed to be for the brakes, lights up as the taillight and the taillight filament lights up when you hit the brakes. i do not know if i bought the wrong bulb, as i cannot find Sylvania conversion codes, but i think it is correct. what should i do?????
  5. mattxr250

    Monroe Trail in WI?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has ever heard of the Monroe Trail in Wisconsin. My dad talked to someone and I guess it came up. Anyone know where it's at? How good of a trail is it? Any other info on it? Thanks, Matt.
  6. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has ever heard of the Monroe Trail in Wisconsin. My dad talked to someone and I guess it came up. Anyone know where it's at? How good of a trail is it? Any other info on it? Thanks, Matt.
  7. I would start by looking at all the things a Baja Designs dual sport kit comes with and get an idea from that. They come with everything you need to make a thumper legal, so you might be able to go from there. Good Luck. By the way, what kind of senior project is it? I wish my school would let me make a bike street-legal for a project.
  8. mattxr250

    Should I feel bad for a squid??

    I remember last year when I had some warranty work done at the dealership on my bike after there was a problem with the piston rings...Anyways, my dad and I go to pick up the bike in the middle of the afternoon one day and just as we pull in I see some 21 year old kid sitting on a brand new 'Busa. As we walk to the shop area to wheel the bike out, the kid is standing there in baggy jeans and a white t-shirt. Well, we bring the bike out, put it in the truck and sign what we have to. All the while I'm watching the hot-shot look at his brand new beast. As we hop in the truck to bring my bike home, the kid pulls out of the lot just ahead of us. Luckily the guy at the dealership talked him into buying a brand new helmet, but he was still only in a t-shirt. Well, we ended up going the same direction as this kid for a few miles and not 5 minutes after leaving the parking lot, you could tell this kid had no right to be on a bike. When he'd stop at a light and then go when it was green, he could barely let ou the clutch without the bike flying away from him. Then, he started to teeter and I swear he shoulda fallen twice. As he made a right turn away from us, the kid couldn't have been more than 4 inches from hitting the curb and ending it all right there. I didn't know him and haven't seen him, but I hope he took the MSF and learned to control his new machine, because if he hasn't progressed much since the first day, then he should have died. Just my almost tragic story of another young squid
  9. mattxr250

    The new dirt is in the house!!

    Thats pretty awesome...I wish I could go out and ride in my backyard everyday, but thats kinda hard when you live in the city. Have fun and post a ton of pics
  10. mattxr250

    Homemade Mods for the XR 250?

    Hey guys, I've got an 04 XR250R. Great bike, couldn't be happier. Well, since it is the peak of the riding season for me, I just wanted to know if anyone out there has any homemade mods for their XRs. I remember there being a topic like this in the General Forum a few months ago, but wanted XR only mods. If you have, I'd love to hear about em, or, even better, post pics of em. Thanks, Matt P.S. I'm not talking about the Gordon's Mods...more like homemade brush gaurds or stands or other stuff that can be add-ons.
  11. mattxr250

    What are you using for a stand?

    For those of you who use homemade stands, would you be able to post a picture of it. I am currently looking to build a homemade stand but would like to see an example or two before I start... Thanks
  12. Now, i'm not from California and I don't even ride a streetbike yet (not enough cash)...so all I know about lane splitting is you weave between cars?? seen it a couple of times on the expressway in chicago, but don't see why its legal in california? Any insight on why lane splitting is accepted out there? and, just for fun, any tips on lane splitting?
  13. mattxr250

    how do you quote threads ???

    on the bottom right of each reply it says... "reply", "quote", and "quick reply"....just click on "quote"
  14. mattxr250


    If you have time and can get a copy of Dirt Bike magazine, the July issue has a cool article on GPS riding. It might also be on their website. I know they listed 1 or 2 supposedly great GPSes for dirt use. Might be worth the time to check it out.
  15. Ok, this might seem like a really stupid question, but as i flip through the pages of Sport Rider magazine, or some other bike magazines, it seems during the bike tests they have only one of the two headlights on. Its not always just the right side or just the left, but most of the time its only one side. Does this have some sort of significance?? Oh, and, what does the term "off-camber" turn acctually mean? I've heard two definitions that are somewhat similar but they aren't the same. Can someone give me a simple definition? Thanks Matt