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  1. So I got it all back together and like a fool I diddnt think to clean the carb out, when I turned on the gas it kept draining out.
  2. Ive had the bike for a few years and I decided to take it apart finally, I changed the piston with weisco piston and rings, added V-Force reeds, and FMF fatty exhaust and silencer. Im not sure what to do with my JETTING or if theres anything els im neglecting. I did get new seals and o-rings for it. and I cleaned out the power valve.
  3. WarClown

    2008 yz 250 need advice for mods

    And ill do that compression test. Ill put a picture up when I get back home from work but it is just stock. Seal savers sounds right up my alley, we so have a couple sand pits we rip around in, I'd like to do more track this year too
  4. WarClown

    2008 yz 250 need advice for mods

    Hey thanks guys, I am still pretty novice I've had mx bikes for a long time but my hours on them are not too many. Ill try and fix up my front shocks and leave the rest for later.
  5. WarClown

    Helmet cam on the new YZ250

    Watching this gave me the mx bug, there's still too much snow here in Canada, but it's melting fast!
  6. It's a stock bike still, looking for advice on pipes, reeds, jets. I'm a bike novice so any advice helps. Also I new to change my front shock seals it's leaking out. I'm 180 pounds, what weight oil do you reccomend?