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  1. I have a big tank on my 2013 looks good. 3.8 or 3.9 gallons I forget. Its a yz 250 here's a pic
  2. Well you are right going for my third ride tomorrow what a different creature the 2 smoker is. I'm starting to get onto it realky well. Loving it!!!
  3. Yessir
  4. I have a gnarly on my 2013 yz250 bike runs mint had a jet kit put in ill send the settongs tomorrow it runs so nice. I run my mixture at 40:1.
  5. I have the foam filled tire on my new 2013 yz250. Once they wear out I can't see myself replacing them. Will go back to the geomax tham I am used to on my rmz450. Besides ruining a day with a punctured tire are these foam filled tires worth the cash? They caMe on my new bike I didn't order it that way. Anone have any opinions? Thanks for reading
  6. Was a blast but wow so much hit compared to my rmz 450. Even with the weighted flywheel. Hard to get used to keeping the throttle in. Few nire days I doubt ill ever wsnt a 4 stroke again. And surprisingly had quite a bit of room in each gear. Should haven't of taken it through the hard single track I'm used too. Was a bit discouraging. But have only been riding for 5 months and my 2 stroke for 1 day lol. It'll come. End of rant. Ps bike is far feom stock a lot of performance gear on it. Bit discouraging but ill get it. Scary fast pick up lol
  7. 07 rmz450 For 2013 yz 250 2stroke Hope I don't regret it. Pretty sure ill be happy on it. First ride tomorrow. She should be fun. Its all dialed in:ph34r:
  8. Ready to roll
  9. Thanks man appreciate it! Gonna miss my rmz 450. First 2 stroke for me. I'm sure this beast will push me around nicley
  10. 2013 All jetted, fmf gnarly exhaust with q4 silencer and flywheel weight. Shocks sent away and adjusted to weight. Pumped for first ride tomorrow! !!!
  11. He like I said has out 20ish hours on it since he got it. Him and his shoo mechanic had it as sort of a pet project. Very trusted guys but like I said I aporeciate the info and it will be read and checkes. Thx again man
  12. Was the dealers ride he has it all tuned in. Forks have been sent. Jetting is perfect and he weighs the identical weight lol. I will absolutely still read over all the infor and I do appreciate it man. Thx
  13. Just signed the papers for my 2013 yz 250. I get it this weekend and I am so damn excited. Have been riding my 07 rmz 450 since april. It was my first bike ever and I've only driven a 2 stroke around the parking lot at the dealer lol. The yz only has about 14 hours on it so she is pretty much brand new. Dealership owners bike. I don't have a whole lot to say and really have no point to this post. Just so damn excited haha. Cant wait. Here is a shitty pic I took today. Sorry in advance if you took the time to read my rant lol. Hooe to chat to some of you in the future. Will hooefully get a few decent pics this weekend. Bunch of us going out on a beauty woods trail and eventually end up in a pit with a few small jumps and some nice hill climbs. Take care! hope I enjoy my yz half as much as my rmz. So pumped
  14. Just bought her today!!!! Going out this weekend. Cant wait to feel the difference coming from my rmz 450!!!! Horrible pic lol. Ill post more tomorrow. So damn excited. 2013 250 2 stroke!