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  1. You need that spring to releases the compression for starting. Centrifical force overrides it once the engine is running. I took mine of to trouble shoot some other issues and it is no fun to kick start without it.
  2. Where are you located so I can get some idea of shipping cost and can you send some pics to lobeau53@gmail.com. I might be interested as a replacement engine in my 85 KLR600
  3. I have a 600 KLR that is developing an engine noise that changes in pitch and intensity depending on load. The harder it pulls the more defined the noise. It is more of a thunk ore knock than a thump. Which is the most likely scenario, counter balance chain or rod bearing? Lobeau
  4. My 1985 ran fine with a stone dead battery but the lights were dim and the indicators would not work so i replaced it.