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  1. yes, i stuck a very small welding rode and it kept hitting something hard. After enough messing around i broke through. It was like green cement. The guy I bought the bike off said he let it sat for nearly half a year in a storage building without starting it or anything.But the new 45 jet fixed my problems
  2. Already have! haha
  3. got it... new 45 jet fixed it. my other was messed up beyond repair and cleaning.
  4. Got the float leveled out. Dang jetting is confusing! Im trying to figure out what jetting I should go to. If its lean I need to go up pilot jet right? im at 45 no, so what about going to a 50?
  5. I may try to test for leaks first just for my own curiosity. This is just frustrating as heck. But il keep updates so you all can learn for future references
  6. I agree... Oh, i just noticed after I ride it and park it while letting it idle/reving it to keep it from dying: gas comes out the overflow hose?
  7. I'm about to just load up and take it to a shop. I started it and let it run some, then I sprayed carb cleaner onto the boot and reed valve gasket. My uncle said if there was a leak there it should idle high whenever I sprayed the cleaner. But it didn't. So I assume there isn't a leak there. Next choice would r crankcase. But I need a pressure tester, and i don't really want to waste anymore time on it. I would ride it like it is, but would that mess anything up?
  8. thanks, Ah, that thing looks intense!
  9. From stock I should say
  10. Also what position should the needle be in?
  11. I have the needle out now, Im getting ready to see what its set on. I cleaned the carb and jets good! I set the carb in a bowl of carb cleaner and let the whole thing soak. I took the jets out and did what you said. Il check the crankcase seal in a few. Not that I can find, I dont feel like taking it to a shop, but Il double check.
  12. i may could buy a jd kit eventually, But that may be my last resort.
  13. i dont believe its an air leak. I checked the boot and reed valve and they both look good with no cracks.
  14. What should my needle be on?
  15. Not sure about my needle position. I just did reading and may check it out this evening. I May need to buy another 45. Mine was dirty (greenish) so i cleaned it. but ya think I could use a new one?