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  1. SteadySeniorRide

    Extreme riding, old school style

    Great thread fellas. Sure appreciate the trips down memory lane! SSR ~ age 59 First bike: 1971 Yamaha 250MX Last bike 2006 KTM 450 EXC
  2. SteadySeniorRide

    Knee/Shin Guards

    + for Thor Force Knee Guards. Full coverage, very durable (even on rocks), and comfortable once ya get used to them. I never woods rode w/o them. Somewhere around $85.00 I think. IMO they're worth it.
  3. SteadySeniorRide

    Dirt Track: wheel sizes ??

    Years ago I recall all short-track & dirt track bikes as having a 19" wheel-tire on the front, and 18" on the back. But now I see 19" wheels on the back of MX bikes, 18" on woods bikes, and of course 17" SuperMoto wheels-tires. I'm confused, and haven't been to a race in quite a while. What wheel-tire sizes are being used for Short-Track / Dirt-Track? Thanks, steve in maryland
  4. SteadySeniorRide

    Trevorton PA this weekend whos going?

    I've spoken to Reading Anthracite Company too. Info is that never in their wildest dreams did they think the area would be so popular, and that so many riders would request Permits. They've sold 500 Permits, and for the time being .... that's all they're gonna sell. That's too bad. But 500 lucky riders is better than none. Nope, I didn't get a Permit either.
  5. SteadySeniorRide

    Trevorton PA this weekend whos going?

    It is not legal, and it is not free to ride at Trevorton. If you do wish to ride there, then a Permit is available for purchase. Open this link to read and learn how to ride legally, and not ruin a good thing for the rest of us. Riding without the Permit is the same as biting the hand that feeds you. Not Smart. http://www.dailyitem.com/archive/2006/0228/biz/stories/01biz.htm For those of you who wish to continue riding dirt bikes (and other ORV's) next week, next month, and next year, you'd be well advised to know that it's illegal, and you're not welcomed to ride on any property unless you own it, or in some way-shape-form have been granted access to it. I'm no goody-two-shoes, and I do understand the bitter frustrations we all suffer from there being a severe shortage of places for us to ride. But for anyone to go on the Internet and essentially make a public announcement that riding the Trevorton area is "free and legal" is terribly irresponsible, and is precisely one of the reasons why we don't have places to ride. You can't just barge into places, park where ever ya want, rev up the bike, pitch a tent, drop trash, crap anywhere, tear up the place for a few hours and then go home. Mainstream society just won't tolerate it, and in case ya haven't noticed, there's a helluva lot more of them (non ORV'ers) than there are us. You're Uncle Sam being one of them. The Reading Anthracite Company is being incredibly generous by affording us an awesome place to ride. Yea, the Permit ain't cheap. But look around, and you'll quickly observe that the best material things in life aren't free. And, if ya divide that $100. by say ten rides, ten visits to Trevorton, then at $10. per visit, it's a bargain !! From the discriptions, it does sound like an exciting place to ride. Two of my friends have already said, "Let's get up there!" And I plan on it .... right after I acquire the Permit. It's much more fun to ride without worrying who may be watching, or wondering when the cops or authorities will arrive and possibly impound my bike, and site me for trespassing. And if done right, the riding area will remain available to us for a much longer time.
  6. SteadySeniorRide

    Trevorton PA this weekend whos going?

    Thanks Paesen, appreciate the info. I'll do some follow up and see what I can find about the permit. SK, in Maryland
  7. SteadySeniorRide

    Trevorton PA this weekend whos going?

    Do we ride there with the blessings of the land owner ?? Or in other words, it's Private Property, and it's legal to ride there .... as long as ya don't get caught ! Anybody know for sure .... Legal, or Just don't get caught (illegal) ??
  8. SteadySeniorRide

    Water Pump Repair: Clarifications Please

    Yup, we're on the same page. It's clear to me now. Yea, the porcelain washer is sealed & done, and I don't want to dig it out & off the shaft, so I'll run it and hope for the best. Will order the additional parts tomorrow. Course, now that I've got it all unbuttoned, might as well freshen up the clutch and do the Primary Nut fix too. Noble, I'm truly appreciative of your expertise & friendship. Thanks very much. steve
  9. SteadySeniorRide

    Water Pump Repair: Clarifications Please

    Hey, thanks alot Noble for replying. OK, good. The ceramic disc part is RTVed and finished. Now for the carbon faced piece of the washer assy. When you say "it", I assume you mean the pump body. So, if I understand you correctly: Carefully pull the pump body out of the side cover. Purchase a new mechanical washer (carbon faced pump seal) and press fit it back into the pump body cavity. Before reinstalling the pump body back into the side cover, install a new oil seal and pump body sealing "O" ring. Then resume reinstallation of the impeller shaft assembly with my resealed porcelain washer already in place & ready to go. Have I recapped the job correctly? I'm afraid to say thanks too loudly till I'm sure we're on the same page.
  10. SteadySeniorRide

    Water Pump Repair: Clarifications Please

    2003 DRZ400-S I'm presently doing the repair on the water pump seal. Everythings apart, being cleaned & inspected. Here's the impeller shaft with the porcelain washer newly sealed into it's shaft cup with high temp RTV sealant: http://hangonsloopy.smugmug.com/photos/40386461-M.jpg I have two washers. One is the porcelain washer, sealed & shown in the above photo, and then there's the one I think we're calling the "mechanical washer," that sits behind it. Both can be seen in this pic: http://hangonsloopy.smugmug.com/photos/40386451-M.jpg Question #1.) The parts fiche shows one washer only and calls it a "water pump seal" p/n 17470-02F10. So, am I supposed to have one washer, or two washers? Two came out of my pump, but only one is shown in the fiche. Next question. I saw the water pump leak within a minute or so of after it began. In between the impeller on the outside, and the plastic water pump gear on the inside, there is what I'll call a "backing plate." It is not an individual part that's sold separately. It is from behind this backing plate that I'm pretty sure is where I saw the leak coming from. In the following pic, near the tip of my screwdriver, from behind the plate, is where it leaked: http://hangonsloopy.smugmug.com/photos/40386457-M.jpg Question #2.) Should that backing plate be removed and in some way resealed to the side case cover? Or, just leave it alone? The fiche shows no separation or gasket. If I can get these two questions clarified, then I can move on to reassembly ... after 24 hours for the RTV to cure. Thanks a bunch for your assistance. steve
  11. SteadySeniorRide

    Clarke 3.9 graphics ???

    Sputter's recounting makes sense. If the graphics would stay on the tanks for any appreciable amount of time, I'm sure that Clarke & IMS would be selling a boatload of assorted decorative applications. Something about the plastics used I guess must make it cost prohibitive. Look what Troy Lee did for the triditional designs used on MX helmets. He through away the book that said all MX helmets look simple & the same, and began painting and selling custom helmets. Hugely successful. I wonder if the aftermarket plastic tanks could follow suit. Pick a handful of designs representing the six major factories and sell plastic aftermarket tanks with a paint job on them. My gosh, the helmets retail for upwards of $400.00, and sell like hotcakes. The tanks could do something similar. This would really expand that segment of the market. Sell plain and printed depending on the depth of your pockets. I can't believe that no one within the industry hasn't thought out or examined this idea. Once again, maybe the resisns, plastics, and chemicals used won't support any type of applications upon them.
  12. SteadySeniorRide

    Clarke 3.9 graphics ???

    Clarke did reply to my inquiry, as to whether there are any graphics available to fit their aftermarket tanks. Answer was: They have nothing. Suggest I check aftermarket companies like N-Style. DUH Aftermarket companies have no fitted applications for Clarkes. I may buy some type of Suzuki application, and then try to cut & trim it to fit my surfaces. I wonder if IMS has graphic applications? Sizes & shapes of the two mfgrs. tanks are similar.
  13. SteadySeniorRide

    Clarke 3.9 graphics ???

    The truth do hurt ! This is not what I wanted to hear, but sorta what I thought may be the case simply because all the aftermarket tanks appear to remain non decorative ... a plain vanilla surface. I'm gonna send the question to Clarke themselves, and see what they say. If I get any informative reply I'll post it here. Thanks, sk
  14. SteadySeniorRide

    Clarke 3.9 graphics ???

    I have a new White, 3.9 gal., Clarke gas tank for my '03 Z400S. While it's still nice and clean and unscratched, I'd like to apply some graphics. But I've never seen any, or heard of them discussed. None on Clarke's web site, and I've never seen any advertised on the Net either. Come to think of it, all the oversized tanks I see are just the plain flat base color. Anyone know who or where some graphics for Clarke tanks may be available. Thanks a bunch. sk
  15. SteadySeniorRide

    '05 45exc first ride report!

    vtec, FWIW, I tried several gearing combos on my '05 450exc, and finally settled upon, and very happily so, at 14x53. I ride tight Pa. mountain single track, rocks, coal shoots, steep hills, basically some of everything like the rest of us. When in some tight squeezes, or really awkward control circumstances, the 53 rear let me ride the bike...not spend so much concentration slipping and popping, goosing & reclutching the clutch. God that gets old... and tiring. Second gear was then perfect. It gets ya going very quickly, hit third and you're off to the races. Then if you can see the line a bit further down the trail, do fourth and enjoy the ride. Honestly, in the mountains, I didn't use fifth gear too much, and never sixth at all, unless out on an access road. The 450exc is a superior motorcycle. I'd love to hear a comprehensive report on the 400exc. Anyone have any info on the new 400's? Thanks vtec, good narrative. steve.