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  1. rideyamahayz

    Rear wheel collar problem

    Got a question, I just bought new rear wheel bearings for my 2003 yz85. Got the old ones out and one new bearing in but when I go to slide the collar back into the hub, it is now to long and preventing me from getting the other bearing back in.. I'm stumped.. Anybody got any clue why this is happening? The bearings are the correct ones to, and I have the gaskets on the outsides of the bearings.
  2. rideyamahayz

    YZ250 crankcase bearings

    Thanks guys. Yea I emailed him back asking if he had split the case, checked the block and pistons, blah blah blah and he never responded so I'm figuring it was a &%$#@!ed bike he was trying to dump off on some idiot.. Not gonna be my problem.. But if anyone knows someone in the New England area looking to trade a 125, 250, or 250f for an 03 85 and cash shoot me a message! Thanks again
  3. rideyamahayz

    YZ250 crankcase bearings

    Thanks for all the input, waiting to hear back from the guy with more details. Will post when I have more info
  4. rideyamahayz

    YZ250 crankcase bearings

    OK so i have been riding my whole life and am looking to move up to a 2001 YZ250. I found a bike on craiglist and the guy is offering to trade me his 01 yz250 for my 03yz85 because he wants to get his son a bike. Only catch is that the bike does not run because it needs crankcase bearings. This worries me a little because I know with crankcase problems can come alot more than just bearings. I dont want to trade, pull it all apart and find i have a blown piston or cracked block... Has anyone ever changed crankcase bearings on a 250? Is it a common thing to go on these specific bikes? Do other problems come along with bad bearings? All info is much appreciated! Not trying to screw myself over and end up in a money pit I cant crawl out of... Thanks!