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  1. I have a 2001 Yz 125 with a 05 engine. I'm looking to get some graphics. Any one have an opinion on the best looking
  2. Okay thanks for the help. I drained my oil and it was kinda milky
  3. okay
  4. I need one too! pm me one please!
  5. how much do you think it will be? and I have rebuilt 3 top ends, do you think I could do this
  6. it kinda looks like the hole is supposed to be there
  7. high guys, on my 250, when ever I put cooloant into it, it leaks out until right above the grate. I couldnd get a pic of my bike but I got one of google. best pic I could get. where is says 850cm about 2 inches abouve that, it looks like there a little hole where it is coming out of. just until right above the grate on the radiator. right in between the clutch cover and the little cover thing for rad fluid. I don't know if its susposed to do this or not. help me lol
  8. Got it. It was the fricken idle.-
  9. Never mind I fixed the pin
  10. Nope. It didn't do this until I took it apart
  11. Can some wine give me any other ideas. Like I said its revving high again I think it has to do with the float needle again. And what would happen if I super glued the pin in place. Shop told me that's part of the problems.
  12. I think the float needle fell off. And the pin that holds the float on falls if right when you turn it side ways. Shop says I either need a new pin ur a whole new carb Thinking about getting a whole new carb so I don't have to screw with anything
  13. I can see right threw them