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  1. I went to change my rear sprocket on my 2013 DRZ tonight to a 48 tooth, and found out that Suzuki is now using the Amelock nut, instead of a top lock flange or nylock nut. The axle nut is also a Amelock nut as well (instead of a castle nut w/cotter pin), and makes removal UNNECESSARILY difficult! I was not able to remove the sprocket because I rounded off the hex key I was using, and the 12mm wrench was rounding off the amelock nuts. Anyone have a tip on how to remove the nuts easier? If you are unware of what a Amelock nut is...here is a link. http://www.amecoil.com/products/9-25/miscellaneous-fastenings/amelock-self-locking-nut.html I hate having unfinished projects in the garage, so hopefully someone can help me out. I'm very close to taking the tire and wheel to the dealer and asking them to try and get the nuts off.
  2. justin.p

    High Altitude Jetting W/O 3x3

    Actually, I read it on the master 3x3 post. Someone said it would void the warranty, maybe I should find out for myself. Thanks! I appreciate the info. Anyway you could send me a link to the air box door? I searched Acerbis website and did not find one. Thanks again!
  3. justin.p

    High Altitude Jetting W/O 3x3

    I have a 2013 DRZ-400s and would like to jet it to run correctly at 6000+ elevation. I bought the JD jet kit and do not want to do the 3x3 mod yet, as I have heard it will void the warranty. I did a 145 Main, red needle, 3rd clip and it still cuts out and feels really sluggish over 8k ft. I'm a nooooobb, please help!