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  1. CStylianou23

    Making an 09 KX250f faster

    I'm much more familiar with 2-strokes but i just got on a 4-stroke recently and plan on giving it more power. What can I do other than a big bore kit and an exhaust system?
  2. Ended up ordering the Jump from a guy who's sponsored by Suomy for 260$ thanks guys
  3. Stuck on these two. Cannot decide. What do you guys recommend?
  4. I'm looking to buy a new mx helmet for under 350$. I'm thinking about the Thor Verge or Thor Force. I need a good helmet for the price with good comfort and ventilation.. If you guys know about any good helmets in the price range let me know!
  5. CStylianou23

    How many bike have you owned?

    I had an 03 KX85 Then an 08 KX100 Then an 04 KX125 Now i have an 09 KX250f I had two Chinese bikes before those, but i wouldnt count those lol
  6. CStylianou23


    How is Motosport.com's service?
  7. CStylianou23

    Acerbis plastics don't fit my KX250f

    I am tomorrow, theyre closed now. I was also wondering if anyone else had any problem like this from acerbis
  8. CStylianou23

    Acerbis plastics don't fit my KX250f

    So on Friday I ordered a plastic kit for my 2009 KX250f. They came today, as soon as it got here I opened up everything and was ready to install them on my bike. I put on the rear fender, the two side plates, and the front fender, they all fitted pretty well. Then I go to put on the two shrouds and they dont fit at all. I made sure because I tried to line up all the bolt holes but it wasnt happening. I then tried putting the old ones that were already on, back on (OEM) to make sure that i wasnt doing anything wrong but they fitted fine. Any idea on what i should do? I ordered this from Motosport.com ,do you think they can simply send me radiator shrouds that fit properly or just return the whole package and buy from UFO or some other brand? I read many reviews before i bought these plastics and the people all said the fit perfectly, im confused
  9. I'm 5'6 and about 165 lbs and ride an 09 KX250f
  10. CStylianou23

    Rant of the day.

    It happened to me twice last month, two 09 KX250f's sold the day before i was supposed to go. Be patient, the bike I ended up getting was in much better condition than both and cheaper. It's an 09 too!
  11. CStylianou23

    what was your worst/best wreck

    A few seasons back when I was running 85's my front end went insanely high off a table top. I slammed on the break and leaned forward to get the front end down as much as i can but ended up landing on my back. Was in crutches for some time but nothing too serious.
  12. My friend who has no clue about motorcycles, sat on my bike and ask me how it start. I tell him kick down on the kick start. He kicked down on the shifter instead.
  13. I need slick products because my powerwash broke and I can't afford to fix it. Just using a backyard water hose is not the greatest way to clean a bike. If I win I'd put the sticker on my bike to advertise you for guys!
  14. CStylianou23

    Full Quart

    How much oil do you guys run without changing the filter? The recommended amount in the owners manual is .79 to be exact but it runs a little low on the glass.
  15. CStylianou23

    Does anyone still ride at the Clayton Pits in Jackson NJ?

    Where is that?