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  1. Ok my new radiators came today and I just fitted them up... Didn't fit perfect but pretty damn close! The 32mm core is the difference, it moves the mounting holes back 20mm so they line up. So I'm not sure what the 40mm ones fit! Pics For $100AUD I'm happy, looking forward to a ride this weekend Wardy
  2. I'm still waiting a reply back from the company, they asked for pics etc. I'd be happy to pay the return postage for my refund if need be! The ones I got were around 40mm core, did some research and found the Worley ones are 30mm. They should be here tomorrow. Hopefully the thinner core brings the mount holes back into alignment!
  3. I just bought and tried to fit a set of aftermarket radiators from "justperformance" here in Australia. Had the exact same problem!! With the rads fitted in position the mounting holes are about 1" off. Not happy as I missed my race this weekend. Mines an '09 model, the add states they fit '09-'11. And the research I did AFTER I got them I saw the '10-'11 part number and ''09 oem part numbers to different! Have emailed the company, just awaiting reply. I just want to send them back for a refund. I've used Chinese radiators for years as replacements and this is the first ever problem I've come across. Keep the bike alot cooler. Has anyone come across any cheap radiators that fit well? Wardy
  4. Fitted my new numbers today, all ready for battle!
  5. So clean, love it mate!
  6. Cheers dude. Love the thing, so nice to ride. Here's a couple of average pics
  7. Picked up the new whip today, pumped to take it for a spin tomorrow!
  8. Excellent! Thanks for that.. Must have missed that on my google searches
  9. Cheers for the reply! After all my research I was under the impression that they upgraded the cases and bearings for the 2010 model? Could be wrong though. In saying that, I just rebuilt a mates 09 model with around 300 hours on original bearings!
  10. Cheers that was my original plan, but so many people have changed the original jetting, was just after opinions on jetting for my conditions. As mentioned in the first post. Only just bought the bike, have no idea why the jetting has been changed.
  11. Any help? Should I just jet to the usual 185 main 45 pilot Mixture screw 1.5-2 turns out? Forgot to mention, stock chamber and a fmf shorty muffler
  12. Hopefully we can get an answer! As far as I know the difference between the 09 and '10 models are. New frame, swingarm, cam profiles, piston, throttle butterfly opens opposite way. But how much different is that of the 2011 model??
  13. Hey all, I'm currently on the market for another rmz. My current budget puts me right in the middle of 2010 model territory, however the 2011 are around $500-1000 AUD more expensive, would the extra expense be worth it? What are the major changes they made? I've owned both a 2008 and 2x 2009 models, and have ridden a 2011 quite a few times and found it a far more superior machine, So bottom line is, does the 2010 model stack upto the 2011? Cheers Wardy
  14. Here's my last one! Picking my new one up this week, will be sure to post a pic And here is my 09 model from a few years ago! This bike almost ended my life.
  15. Hi all, new member here from the gold coast Australia.. Looking forward to mixing it up with everyone on the forum!! There is some great info on here I just aquired a 02 125sx for my better half to come riding with me. However after I took it for its first ride there is something up with it. The engine has been rebuilt, top and bottom end, seals etc. has good compression and runs really smoothly. To me the engine feels very lazy on the transition to the power valve, also coughs and splutters high in the rev range as though it has a rev limiter (which I know it doesn't) compared to other 125s I have ridden it is quite slow! From carrying out some research on this forum the jetting is way out!! Most of our riding is done from sea level to approx 300' elevation Engine is run on 98 octane pump fuel at 50:1 Current specs are Main- 225 (should be 180-190!!!) Pilot- 40 (should be around 45?) Slide- 55 Needle- R1469D on the top clip Air screw- 1.5 turns out Also wondering if there are any how to threads on cleaning/lubrication of the power valve, and adjustment? Any help would be awesome! Thanks in advance Wardy