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  1. Thank you for your input all.
  2. 1989 RM125 conventional 46mm forks. The best for enduro riding.
  3. Hi there, I ride a '89 Husq 510TE with an Öhlins in the back and '89 KYB 46mm RSU front forks. I am in the process of balancing the bike suspension wise. I use 4.6 Kg front springs and have yet to adjust the shimming. The Borynack approach should be the guide-line. (XR650R fr.fork is a shorter version of the '89 KYB 46mm RSU.) Any advise would be welcome here. In the back there is the original Öhlins pump and a 6.0 Kg spring. All is well greased and maintained. My fear is the spring in the back is too soft. Race sag is 100mm and free sag is 15 mm. Now I know this means a heavier spring. But what spring rate should it be then? I weigh a 100 Kg, Bike weighs about 115 Kg, Front fork has 310mm travel, Rear has 310mm travel. Thank you for your time, Andries The Netherlands
  4. Yes. You have a point.
  5. Hi there! I am from 1962 and my Husqvarna is a 1989 510 TElc Model 'A'. I live in the Netherlands.