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  1. Thank you for your input all.
  2. Andries

    USD to Conventional forks swap?

    1989 RM125 conventional 46mm forks. The best for enduro riding.
  3. Hi there, I ride a '89 Husq 510TE with an Öhlins in the back and '89 KYB 46mm RSU front forks. I am in the process of balancing the bike suspension wise. I use 4.6 Kg front springs and have yet to adjust the shimming. The Borynack approach should be the guide-line. (XR650R fr.fork is a shorter version of the '89 KYB 46mm RSU.) Any advise would be welcome here. In the back there is the original Öhlins pump and a 6.0 Kg spring. All is well greased and maintained. My fear is the spring in the back is too soft. Race sag is 100mm and free sag is 15 mm. Now I know this means a heavier spring. But what spring rate should it be then? I weigh a 100 Kg, Bike weighs about 115 Kg, Front fork has 310mm travel, Rear has 310mm travel. Thank you for your time, Andries The Netherlands
  4. Andries

    Propper points to measure race sag?

    Yes. You have a point.
  5. Andries

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    Hi there! I am from 1962 and my Husqvarna is a 1989 510 TElc Model 'A'. I live in the Netherlands.