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    wr part number recognition

    Hi GuyGraham. Many thanks for your reply. I was sold a stator with the number starting 5GS. They claimed it was the wr426 stator but I guess not from the number. The more powerful stators seem pretty hard to get hold of! Will just have to keep looking. Thanks again
  2. Hi. Can any one clarify how to identify the year from a part number or if it is even possible. Do year 2000 parts start with 5GS and 2001-2002 5NG ? Would that be correct or does it not correspond to the year. I'm after a wr426 or a year 2000 wr400 stator as I believe these have the most wattage, but I'm struggling to tell the difference between the manufacture years. Thanks
  3. Hi folks. I have recently purchased a yz426 year 2000. I then looked on the trusted eBay and bought a wr426 flywheel and stator (although on inspection I believe it's possibly a wr400). On delivery of the stator it appears to be damaged by three bolt holes!! Dam those pullers!!! I continued to put it on my bike and funnily enough I have no spark (after grounding pink wire to frame). Think I've managed to buy myself a £150 paper weight off eBay!! So my question is has any one got a wr426 stator for sale??? eBay is throwing up no results over the last few weeks. Are they hard to come across?? I believe the 426 stator puts out around 120watts as apposed to the 400 at 80watts?? Is that correct?? I'm desperate to get my bike on the trails, lights are fitted, wiring done and road registered. Just need my stator! Many thanks