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  1. Thanks for the help chaps
  2. I was meaning spare parts for the bikes. I love Honda and I want a two stroke. I rode a 2000 model once, it was awesome except it didn't have much bottom end. How does it handle in the bush?
  3. Are the cr250 2strokes good bikes? How is their reliability, power, accessability to spares? Is it a good idea to buy one now after Honda stopped making 2 strokes?
  4. Im trying to get as much info on all these different bikes before I buy one, and I would like to know, which bike is better? Which one handles better? Has more power? Everything.
  5. So now would I be able to reshim valves myself? Or would I have to send it to the dealership to have them done? If I can do it myself, how do I know which shims to put in? Would I have to grind the valve stems down a bit?
  6. Ok now comparing the crf250r to the crf250x, the x being an enduro bike, would the valves and shims last longer than the r, which is an mx bike? What are the differences in reliability?
  7. If the guys ride flat out all the time, with the bike running near max revs, surely that will cause it to bust valves? Mud guy, if I understand you correctly, you saying the newer 4 stroke bike eat valves more than the older bikes? I would of thought the newer models would of been better bikes?
  8. So how often do you have to reshim the valves? Do have to change valves and reseat them at any stage? Or can tht be avoided by regular maintenence?
  9. Are there any common problems with these two bikes?
  10. I used to ride a crf230 but its to tame for me. I want to do enduros with them. And I want a bike with the amount of power that I won't outgrow to fast.
  11. Hi guys. Im looking at buyin a bike, previously I was looking at a Yamaha wr250f, but am now looking at maybe a Honda crf250r. Could somebody tell me which one is better. What is the power like in both and which is greater? Which one has better bottom end power? I've heard the crf hasn't got a lot of bottom end grunt, is that true?
  12. Enduro as in technical, over rocks, hill climbs, river beds, anything to do with offroad riding. Are there any problems with the bike I should watch out for?
  13. Im looking at getting a WR 450 F, and I was wondering, is it a good bike for enduro riding?
  14. The cr250 has been speced for enduro, will it be good on rocky sections? Im wanting to do the roof of africa one day and want to know if it will get me to the end with ease.
  15. To all those south african riders, are there any enduros that happen yearly in KZN or Free state?