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  1. I never was sure if it was rich or lean, it felt rich but due to the bad cold starting I thought it was to lean. I think when I install a smaller PJ and the throttle slide gets down, the cold starting could get better due to less air getting in. I'll get smaller jets and try it. Thanks for your advice
  2. no matter how i set the fuel screw it won't change idle speed
  3. I have problems setting my idle correctly. My idle screw is all the way in so that the slide is to high, but when i set it down it won't idle any more. Also the idle speed won't change on fuel screw adjustment. It starts hard when cold (i have to wack the throttle 3 to 4 times to get enough fuel in the cylinder, no choke). It starts good when hot. Any suggestions? My XR has: Hotcam stage 1 FMF high flow header HRC end tip open airbox (HRC gide) 50 pilotjet 180 mainjet needle set at 4th from top pilot air jet adjustable 1300 feet above sealevel