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  1. jpbern

    17FE450 another oil leak

    I don’t think the world is going to end pulling that out. In the section of the manual you took photos of, it is discussing how to perform an oil change and telling you that you don’t pull that bolt for an oil change. Is your dealer really that backed up that they would not roll it in inside of a week?
  2. jpbern

    Rockstar Edition RM250 1997

    Yup, just an inexpensive graphics kit thrown on the bike. But if you buy a can, sit on it and drink it, maybe spill a little on it, it will become a Rockstar Edition! https://www.ebay.com/itm/TEAM-ROCKSTAR-SUZUKI-GRAPHICS-RM125-RM250-1999-2000/391277162379?hash=item5b19efaf8b:g:KwgAAOSw0HVWCfSZ&vxp=mtr
  3. Ok, I have a few thousand miles running on Tubliss. Hard New England trails and racing. 1. Installing your Tubliss to begin with, you have to do a very good job applying the tape to the inside of your rim. That should seal most of the spoke ends. 2. I run approx. 6 to 8 ounces of slime in the Tire itself, not in the high pressure tube. I make sure that after I have mounted the tire I inflate without the slime and make sure it is not leaking hard anywhere. Then deflate both the tire and the high pressure tube. Install the slime, spin the tire around in every possible direction to get a coat of slime everywhere, then inflate correctly. 3. Yes, every time I ride I double check my tire pressures. There can be some small loss, but not that much. 4. I tend to run the tubliss at around 110 to 120 psi. Jeff at Tubliss said bursting PSI is around 200. I Keep a routine when I change the tires (with racing is very often). I put a contractor trash bag on the ground under my tire changer to catch any drips of slime that falls out. Then as soon as I dismount, I stand the tire up and stuff a bunch of the disposable shop rags (heavy paper towels) in the bottom to collect the slime. Also using the rags to wipe the rim and tubliss set up. For me, it is normal to see an occasional weep of slime from either a location on the rim bead or from a spoke hole, but it is always a small amount. I purchase the large container of slime from Walmart that comes with the pump top. OH, make sure that it is slime for tires, NOT slime for tubes. They sell both. Hope that helps!
  4. jpbern

    Fuel can question

    You should be careful in carrying spare fuel. I had a DRZ with the rotopax and the rack shown in the photo posted by MentalGuru. I knew I was going to ride longer distances in the desert, and wanted the fuel range. Riding off road , with even that 1 gallon of weight on the back, was enough to break my subframe where the rack attaches to it. I broke it multiple times (in just the amount of time to burn enough gas in the tank to pour off the rotopax). I was able to get it welded each time, but not as strong as the original, and having a broken subframe out in the desert sucks. If you have to carry, either buy the oversized tank, or put camping fuel bottles in your backpack. My 2 cents!
  5. jpbern

    Needing advice after a wreck

    Sorry about your wreck. Not really sure if it is worth bringing up the tire issue with your insurance company or not. It might get it to be detailed as not your fault. Also, the insurance company can go after the seller, and that would have no affect on your claim. They would pay your claim, and then deal with trying to get it from them. I had an accident 4 years ago on my drz while on the street. (Pet owner not doing a good job of containing their animals). Because I had every receipt for all the extras, they accepted that as part of the value of the bike and compensated me appropriately for it. So submit everything you have for it! Thats my 2 cents. Good Luck!