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  1. so i just got this 2008 kx 250f in a trade it has alot of nice parts on it and i want to fix it. It has low compression and is hard to start when its cold where should i start? Im usually a 2 stroke guy so hang with me all help is appreciated.
  2. I didnt want to sell the 05 i had alot of money into that bike but things came up and it had to go and i just got the 01 really cheap i think im gonna sell it and get a 05+ yz or cr 125.
  3. Well I sold the 05 and have recently picked uP an 01 cr 125 really clean I was really surprised on how good it rode. Is the 2001 a good year to build?
  4. I had an 05 cr 125 I sold about a year ago I put a lot into that bike it had a really strong motor but handling could've been better so I think I'll stay away from 05-07 thanks for the help!
  5. ok guys im currently looking to fully do up a cr 125 at the moment i have a 2001 cr 125 all stock bill of sale should i build the 2001 up or sell it and get a different year? i wanna do suspension motor just about everything which cr 125 had the best suspension? someone help me out