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  1. Upton182

    question about general 450 mx bikes

    Yes right off of the twist of the throttle you have power yes you have different stages but no lull like a 125.
  2. Upton182

    Do you support your local dealer?

    Yes, for everyday things that they stock. I like talking with my local power house Honda dealer he has a lot of knowledge. I don't buy gear there or aftermarket parts but I try and by as much as I can because I want it to stay open.
  3. Upton182

    Rekluse clutch for A level rider?

    Rekluse makes a great product that I believe anybody will benefit from. I ride all MX and I would not ride without it.
  4. Upton182

    Need stiff boots, gaerne?

    TCX boots are great they actually make the Nike boots. I love mine.