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    Wiring TC250 for headlight--which yellow wire?

    Took a wild guess that the yellow wire on the wide that the two other wires were coming off of was the one I wanted. Headlight works. Not very bright, but should pass inspection. I can swap for some heavier gauge wires if I need it brighter.
  2. I bought a Tusk street legal kit for my 2005 TC250 as well as a polisport headlight. Wired up the Tusk kit, and blinkers, horn, and brake lights all work great, but I need to figure out how to wire the headlight. The stator has been upgraded, so it should have no problem running a headlight, I just need to figure out how to power it. Wiring diagrams in the repair manual and everything I've found in google searches suggests that the yellow wires running to the regulator are the power source I want to tap into. But which yellow wire? The TE has one white one yellow and all the lights run off of the yellow. But the TC they are both yellow. Anyone have any insight on how to tell which one to use? Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. One and one's spouse have officially jumped the nerd shark when said couple simultaneously realizes that a... http://t.co/JXG8XJax0z