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    chinese pit bike revs out and dies help!

    So I have a Chinese 110 pitbike and I was adjusting the valves and check the cam timing I set the valves to .003 on both intake and exhaust and cam sprocketis 1/2 tooth back at 9 o'clock with flywheel set at tdc not overlap at 12 o'clock pilot screw is 1/2 turn out idle screw is 2 turns out. Stock jets but I can't figure out why it just revs out real high like 10k~13k and bogs out and dies.. tried several different things and nothing has worked.....starts only when I choke it and then try and start again w/o the choke and I get the rev and death.... If anyone has experienced this or can help me out please I'm trying to get my gf back on this Chinese pos so we can go riding...