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  1. I changed my wheel bearings with the pivot works upgrade kit which u done use the retaining clip. I am now doing wheel bearing again and I don't want to go with the upgraded kit this time but I don't know where I put the retaining clip. Do I have to use it? How important is that clip?
  2. I purchased a new battery and a battery tender last week. Put the battery in and put the tender on everything work great. I went to hook the tender back up to the bike for the week and when I hook it up I hear the fuel pump kick on shut off wait 2 minutes kicks on shuts off again and just keep cycling like that every couple of minutes. Any ideas why?
  3. x2fanatic

    Golden type 216aa or Bridgestone m59

    I personally like the m59 much better. I feel it grips better and deflects less
  4. x2fanatic

    Battery question

    I think I'm going to stick with the regular batteries I have been using. I'm happy with 2-3 years out of a $35 battery
  5. x2fanatic

    Battery question

    I ride about 3 times a month and my bike does stay in a garage but it is not heated. I'm in North Jersey so it gets pretty cold plus a good snow storm and keep the bike parked for 3-5 weeks. I forgot to mention I ride a 2014 500 xcw
  6. x2fanatic

    Battery question

    I'm not worried about the weight savings at all. I do like the fact that it doesn't lose a charge from sitting. I normally get 2 solid years out of a cheap tusk or yuasa and that's without putting a battery tender on or doing any maintenance. 6 years of headache free would be nice as well.
  7. x2fanatic

    Battery question

    So I'm due for a new battery and I'm wondering if the expensive lithium batteries are worth it. I can buy 3 tusk batteries for the price of one lithium. Why spend the extra money on a lithium?
  8. x2fanatic

    rear tire talk

    I have the Sedona on my 500 and I love it in the north jersey singletrack. So far out of all the tires I have tried the Sedona seems to hook up the best in the rooted rocky areas.
  9. x2fanatic

    Primary sprocket

    I just got a new set of primary sprockets and I am not sure which way the front goes on. Does the bump out face in or face out? The sprocket I took off the bump face in but the primary sprocket seems like it should face out because that's the side that the labeling is on
  10. x2fanatic

    rear tire talk

    The shinko 505
  11. x2fanatic

    rear tire talk

    Exactly what I'm trying to find out. Is the tire going to rip apart from the sharp rocks I ride on. I had the shinko 520 and loved it at 6psi. Got 650 miles out of that tire. I have the Sedona 907 now and it's also a great tire maybe even a little better than the shinko. I have about 400 miles on it and I have zero chunking. I'm debating between the m5b, 505 cheater
  12. x2fanatic

    rear tire talk

    How is the m5b with singletrack rocks and roots?
  13. x2fanatic

    Looking to buy an exhaust

    Did you notice any power difference between the 2?
  14. x2fanatic

    Looking to buy an exhaust

    What made you switch from the 4.1 to the Q?
  15. So u think I'm ready to put an exhaust on my bike. I'm definitely going to do a full exhaust. Is the fmf powerbomb the way to go?