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  1. Cool, on this 06 I used a complete new 06 125SX motor bottom from a parted bike right out of the create, used the crank and longer cylinder mouting bolts from my 200 motor. I had a 2002 200EXC that I changed out the gears, 4-6 from an MXC same as the SX I believe. Donn KTM200
  2. It's a 2006 XC-W with a 125 SX trany I dont like the wide ratio trany on the 200.
  3. Regroup and climb out. Still more video to come! Donn KTM200
  4. At about a minute in my buddy;s let me take the lead. I have more vids from this ride so stay tuned. Donn KTM200 Video 2
  5. First time for me at Forest Hill. It was bit dusty and I let my buddy's get out ahead of me so I could enjoy the forest alone for a bit. Later I pick up the pace. Had a great time on my 200. Enjoy, more to come. Donn Video 1
  6. He used to and yeah he was brought up racing MX and then Cross Country.Donn KTM200
  7. Chasing my buddy Rob owner of Synergy Seals through the woods at Elkins Flat OHV. Donn KTM200
  8. Off Road on the 2002 KTM 200MXC and a little plug for my buddy Tony owner of MotoMart@Carnegie and my old friend Gary Rabe US distributor for Rock Oil High Performance Lubricants. Donn KTM200