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  1. scottdidit

    how many trail riders here?

    1 more vote for Michigan... Yep west side is all sand Far east side adds a few rocks and more roots. Also a bonus Michigan honors your states ORV sticker. UN LIKE OHIO!!!! where you have to get a Ohio temp tag good only for 10 days.
  2. scottdidit

    99 cr 250 whats it worth?

    Not a lot of replys but that is what i was thinking. thanks for your input H4L.
  3. scottdidit

    99 cr 250 whats it worth?

    Ok its time to move on. I've looked for a used bike to get a feel for price and im not seeing any out there. The bike is in very good condition. It has been adult owned and trail ridden for the last 5-6 years. 10 hours on a new piston and rings New tires Forks rebuilt 5 riding hours ago New sprockets and chain FMF Gold pipe, pro circuit 304 silencer spark arestor New Oem Seat any suggestions for an asking price?
  4. scottdidit

    stripped chain adjuster threads

    you will need a longer drill bit and maybe a longer tap or a tap extension. The 90 degree drill heads are to big to fit.
  5. scottdidit

    Do you support your local dealer?

    Hmm, if everyone keeps buying on line, and all the dealers close... where will we get our new bike from. Would you buy a bike from a on line site? its not nearly half as much fun drooling on a monitor as it is in the showroom where you can sit on the bike.