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  1. Thanks Rota!
  2. Hi All,m I tried the search function and did not get anything concrete so here it is... I have an 08 set of fender plastics I am trying to unload (front and rear) and I have a buyer with a 13. I can't find anywhere a comprehensive list of what will fit on specific years. I know there is modification needed to fit 08-12(i think) plastics on 05-07 years but thats about it. Any input would be great, hopefully we could get a complete list together for others in the future. Thanks
  3. That would be great. Thanks Ringo
  4. Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback.
  5. Has anyone had any experience working with Noleen in Victorville CA? I am looking to get some work done and curious about them. I assume i need springs and set up for off road (not race) or maybe just a re-valve for 07 RMZ450. Thanks!
  6. Hi All, Have an opportunity to grab an aftermarket Excel wheel. Was orig bought for an 06 KFX450 (19 x 2.5") and i want to run it on my 07 RMZ450. The sprocket has since been removed but rotor in place and it is Brand New. Would this fit on the bike if I used my stock spacers? Thanks!
  7. bump. appreciate any further insight. thanks
  8. This is an aftermarket wheel (excel) would i just need to swap the rotor and sprocket? I guess asking the right question would be a good start. Thanks Talked to the guy, and he used the sprocket. So just a wheel, hub and rotor on it. Any chance this would work? A killer deal for a brand new wheel assy.
  9. Will an 06 Kwai 450 wheel assy fit on my 07 rmz 450? Assy is brand new, already has 52 tooth and rotor installed with a paddle. Asking 350' good deal. Thanks to all